HERMES fantasies - an editions hermes publication

  1. picked this up from our store today. it is also included as an insert mailed with our local society/fashion magazine PAPER CITY.

    Cover :

    "Next" boots in mocha suede goatskin
    "Night" belt in ebony clemence
    "tohu bohu" twillys
    "nefertiti" gloves in eggplant/brown glazed lambskin and mink
    "Rocaille" buffalo horn hair accessory
    "Barenia ronde" GM watch w/ orange mysore goatskin

  2. back cover :

    "new look" bracelet in black chamonix calfskin
    "neige" belt in ebony clemence
    "etriviere" 32 mm belt in BJ clemence
    "lift" PM hair accessory buffallo horn
    "Isthme plein cur" pendant in punpkin calfskin
    "NIght" pump rosewood satin
    "acrobate" GM bracelet in silver
    "nymphea" hat
    "clic=clac H" bracelet
    "Tohu bohu" extra large bracelet
    "carioca" large/small bracelet
    "ano" bracelet in pumpkin box calfskin

  3. You've given me something to fantasize about tonight.....
  4. more pages :

  5. Wow -- thanks for the snap shots.
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  9. Thanks for posting Pazt !! All yummy accessories !!! :nuts::nuts::drool:
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  14. THANK YOU!!!:drool:
  15. pazt, thank you so much for posting this page by page! Very inspirational .... :yes: :yes: :P :heart: