Accepting People from:
    9/04/07 – 9/15/2007
    Notification of who your buddy is:
    Official Start of Fall/Winter RAOK:
    10/1/2007 - 12/31/2007
    Presents should be mailed 1x per month. (Oct, Nov, and Dec)

    Rules of RAOK

    1. You must have 500 posts and/or be a contributing member of the HERMES board. There will be exceptions made if you don’t meet the qualifications, please feel free to PM me or JAG!

    2. If you participated in RAOK before and did NOT mail out a gift to your buddy, you will NOT be allowed to participate.

    3. You are required to post photos of every gift received. The gifts/packages DO NOT have to be expensive (they can be a poem/postcard with a inspirational saying/small Hermes item/candy), but YOU MUST mail 1 item per month.

    4. Please limit all items to $50 or less. You may break this rule 1x during the month of December for Hannukah/Xmas/Kwanzaa/Australian Brazillian Wax Day.

    We want everyone to feel happy about RAOK and not have anyone feeling like they have to spent $10k on an 18K gold stripper pole for S’Mom. (Though she really would enjoy it).

    5. You are welcome to ask for a non-overseas buddy but please let me know when you sign up.

    6. Remember this is an RAOK- Random Act of Kindness and is clearly about doing wonderful, thoughtful things for your “person.” Please be willing to actively participate. If you are going to whine and kvetch, I will give you my MIL’s phone number and you can talk to her.

    7. We will be removing anyone that does not follow the rules/participate. And we will have a back up system in place for missing gifts/unresponsive buddy, etc. Let me know if you'd like to be a part of the back up system.

    How to sign up for this RAOK:

    Please email me at: (no spaces) Elana @ to sign up

    Subject should be: Hermes RAOK
    Include your:
    *TPF Screename
    *Phone number (Fed-Ex & USPS need this for International Delivery)
    *Email address
    *Are you willing to take on a person in another country?

    You will receive an official invitation from via email within a day or two if you’ve been accepted.

    You can ask any questions here in the thread or PM me and/or JAG for more info!!
  2. So excited to participate! This was so much fun last year! And it is a great way to end the year!
  3. Can I just have your MIL # anyway, just in case my shrink gets booked up around the holidays?
  4. Mrs.M
    LMAO, She'd eat you for breakfast...I would never torture you like that. :heart:
  5. Lol!
  6. lmao. i asked her for her mil's number already too! yay! so excited!
  7. What?! We can't send each other poles!!!!
  8. Oh don't worry, you'll be getting some from me today or tommorow in your mailbox. ;)
  9. We can give your MIL my mom's phone number. They can kvetch to each other....
  10. This is so exciting!!! I have been hoping to be a part of the Hermes RAOK!!!!
  11. WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! YES!!! I had a BLAST last year and am ready to do it again.
  12. fun!
  13. HEY!!!!! I WANT that pole!!!! Dang it!!!!!

    it's on my Christmas list......that and a blow-up doll of Johnny shirt.
  14. Round we go!
  15. I hear there's a new and improved version of the Johnny Depp blowup doll: remote control and you can choose the firmness!:graucho: