Hermes Fall Winter Ads

  1. Love love love the croc lindy


    Daria Werbowy is back again...


    Something for the gentlemen in the forum (but would look good on the gals as well)

    Look at all that BARENIA


  2. archangel, I love the 'dance with the orange ribbon' line, that croc Lindy is tdf, and that second guy is cute. (and I'd totally wear that jacket) :smile:
    Thank you for sharing. :smile:
  3. Absolutely beautiful!! That Croc Lindy has my mouth on the floor... :drool:
  4. That Croc Lindy is Disgustingly Beautiful!!
  5. FABULOUS pics! I LOVE H photography for their advertising!

    LOVE the LINDY!! And LOVE Daria!
  6. That's the coat I tried on the other day! ( The guy's one).
  7. Yummy on that Lindy!
  8. I recall you writing about it :yes:

    I would love to wear that... just love it!
  9. I couldn't talk my DH into buying it, though! The lady's one is fab, too, with the collar. The one at my store wasn't barenia, though. Only the mens one was....bummer.
  10. Croc Lindy..... yummy...

  11. Anyone have a price on that croc Lindy??
  12. O...M...G...Croc Lindy!! :drool:

    Thank you for sharing, Archangel!
  13. i loooove the brown diamond ring :yes:
  14. ^^great to see you back, lilach!

    I love the jewelry, coats, and croc lindy :drool:
  15. Everytime I see that ad with the Lindy, i'm always caught staring at it for 5 minutes! It's just too beautiful not to look at :girlsigh: