Hermès Fall/Winter 2020 RTW and Accessories

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  1. Thanks for getting the ball rolling @Meta, I was hankering after some new eye candy :flowers:. Primary colors aren't my thing so I'm not immediately drawn to this collection and wonder if the fall silks will repeat them. I'm not in the appropriate size demographic but I always enjoy seeing what H has to offer. Beyond the pleated skirts and the leather pants (super flattering) I'm not sure there's anything spectacular going on. I feel like I've seen better in earlier collections. There are a couple of nice coats though, including a great looking poncho/wrap thing (liking that one a lot :heart:)

    coat 1.jpg leather pants.jpg poncho.jpg

    I also wonder about the longevity of this collection; I think some things might be a bit dated in a few years, flying in the face of sustainability concerns.....
  2. Thank you for sharing and starting this thread @Meta! I love the sweaters with a loop to put your scarf through! I saw a couple coats that I like but I’m sure the prices will be very high. Not too much that I am too excited for but that could change.
  3. All the primary colors and the set design reminded me of the pictures of the the lipstick line launching in March.
  4. Thank you for posting! :flowers: I like the Sac Della Cavalleria bag.
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  5. That's what it reminded me of too, I wasn't totally sure!

    In general, nothing spoke to me, even the new bags. Which is good for my wallet and keeping me on ban island.
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  6. Me too! The title of the set should be "Walk Among the Lipstick Tubes". :P
  7. For better or for worse it was a sense of no surprises for me - some looks even made me feel that I’ve seen it in the past seasons sort of feeling. The sweater dress that was shown in red, green and blue is my type of thing so I will look forward to it (probably the blue color). Also there are some nice coats (including the one that was like a light teddy? It’s a very basic look tbh but again that’s my type of thing). But just bought coats in these past couple seasons and really can’t justify more so soon.

    I think once the pieces come out I will end up getting more than I thought (always the case :facepalm:) but generally I feel my wallet is safe.

    Oh and I do like the loafer - maybe I will get it in white since I’ve got no white loafers!

    ETA photos of what I’m thinking about

    89E954E1-7F17-4443-84F0-1D3B6EE10F42.jpeg CFA1F788-8A65-46A0-A178-541725A41971.jpeg
  8. I can see the reference to horse jumping hurdle sticks (I don’t know equestrian jargon) - I guess that’s the source inspiration for the lipstick tubes as well?
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  9. I couldn’t take my eyes off that green bag! Wonder if it’s a new shade or current one.
  10. I heard
    Vert vertigo was coming back. Sort of looks like that shade of green.
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  11. I really really LOVED the ready to wear, in terms of that I think this is Nadege's best collection yet for me personally.

    The bags were a huge let down for me however, I'm not feeling these new designs at all.
  12. ^For me unfortunately the opposite, there isn't much I like what she is designing, I miss the previous designers aesthetics. I like the menswear collections more.
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  13. I found it very plain and disappointing :-s
  14. Thank you so much for starting this thread. I like some of her designs. Unfortunately I personally have problems with her cuts just like my DH. With the sweaters he had to choose one size bigger and then they were much too long. None of her pants fitted me - none! This is quite unusual for me. Especially difficult for me are her high-tailored pants, which - although I am not small (neither is my DH) - sat on my ribs. They were unpleasant and uncomfortable for me, though they are looking gorgeous on the models. I'm afraid her RTW is not for us.
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