Scarves Hermès Fall/Winter 18 Scarves

  1. I love Awooo but this color way washed me out and I just returned it. It's beautiful on you- the blues and the contrast hem are lovely. Enjoy
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  2. bobkat,
    You look maaaaaaaaaaaaaahvelous, darling!
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  3. All you ladies who helped with wonderful pictures of Awooooo will be happy to know that I finally made up my mind and went for the marine, anthracite and gris. It was a tough call and if my money tree grows back, I will pop for it in the all blues as well. It should be arriving next week! Thanks again!!
  4. So happy for you gracekelly, you will love it I'm sure!!
  5. Thanks to @romily for posting this on the web finds thread. :smile:

    Carre 90 Quadri Cashmere Silk H232859S

    carre-90-quadri--232859S 44.jpg carre-90-quadri--232859S 44-worn.jpg
    carre-90-quadri--232859S 45.jpg carre-90-quadri--232859S 45-worn.jpg
    carre-90-quadri--232859S 46.jpg carre-90-quadri--232859S 46worn.jpg
    carre-90-quadri--232859S 47.jpg carre-90-quadri--232859S 47-worn.jpg
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  6. I thought I recognized the DCF from your prior post. I haven't seen it listed on the US H website. I wanted to get the green & white version. It's the one scarf this season that I think I can really use. Anyone got any intell on it? Thanks in advance.
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  7. And I think we're all glad we did!!!!!
  8. The magic of Hermes ;)
  9. Yes, they are. I thought they were for SS19 and was too late to edit when I realized it wasn't. I had already asked for mods to move it by the time you posted. ;)
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  10. I had a gf purchase the Tour Du Monde scarf for me while abroad in Europe. I open the box to find I wasn’t given the pouch with the dice. Is this normal? Was it a limited supply?
  11. Oh dear, apologies. This was supposed to be posted in SOTD thread. Mods, please move my previous post over there!
  12. I've done a sacrilegious thing...Haha! Just got my new Awooooo 100cm and in playing with it, the new huge caretag kept flopping down and was so annoying, as everyone has complained. I didn't feel confidant enough to cut the tag off without damaging the hem, so instead, I tacked the third corner in place---two passes with a doubled navy blue thread (I didn't have burgundy to match the other H stitches). I think one pass really would have been enough to hold it. That's what Hermès should have done. IMG_0544.jpeg
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  13. I have thought about doing this instead of cutter no off the tag...
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