Scarves Hermès Fall/Winter 18 Scarves

  1. Smocksilly, thank you so much for posting this, it is beautiful. I have been looking but cannot manage to find this CW. Is this bleu canard/marine/jaune?
  2. CanuckBagLover, they all look great on you....but that Rose! I'm trying to pick my tongue up off the floor after drooling heavily.
  3. Thank you Bobkat! :smile:
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  4. Thank you, dear beekmanhill. My impression is the current inventory is the rest for the holidays. I've seen very few
    Travers CSGMs on my recent travels, mostly the blue/yellow one.
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  6. Beautiful picks! I especially love your cw of Cache Cache Fleuri! You look fabulous, as always!
  7. Thank you so much Croisette. I was afraid of that. Well, next season's offerings await me!
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  8. OK....y'all enabled the HECK out of me! Awoo 20181106_160131.jpg
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  9. Wowza! You rock it girl! Fabulous! I have been distracted from making my Awooooo purchase by life events, but I can see that I better get on the stick and make up my mind!
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  10. welcome to the wolf pack :biggrin:
    it looks fantastic on you!
  11. I have only one thing to say: awooooo(oooooo....)!!!!
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  12. Looks so cool on you!!! :ps:
  13. Great choice!!! Makes your eyes look incredible.
  14. Resistance is futile! :giggle:
    Super cute on you!
  15. guys. Thank you all for such sweet compliments! And thank you, all likers.
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