Scarves Hermès Fall/Winter 18 Scarves

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  2. Very curious and weird of him. :confused1: Well, if you can't get another one/get it sorted, I'm happy to send you any of my extra boxes (I don't store my scarves in them). :flowers:
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  3. thank you very much! :flowers:
  4. Yay twins! ‍♂️ its a great and versatile cw.
    I think I got a regular CSGM box with mine.
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  5. I ordered a 100 cm cachemire a few months ago online and they mailed it stuffed in a 90 box...
  6. :shocked: This makes NO sense. So how are you storing it? NOT in the box, I assume???
  7. Has anyone seen the C'est La Fete Exceptional?
  8. :ghi5:
  9. I've been wondering about this as well. It's not going to be in my budget, but I'd love to at least drool over it from afar!
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  10. It would have wrinkled, though...:sad: My older 100cm Cashmere-silks were wrapped in the boxes for 140cm shawls. LOL! H needs a new box for these. ;)
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  11. I went to Hermes boutique in Sloan Square today and they told me that they have sold it already. It was a real beauty: dark cashmere with multicoloured embroidery. And they don’t even have a photo. Same story with Harrods.
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  12. Wow! This is such a cool and edgy look! Rats, I wish I was not on ban island, because I really want Awoo...and Une rose de alma...and...
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  13. My final picks for Fall 2018 -
    Cache Cache Fleuri
    Un Rose Pour Alma

    p.s. I get to play with the scarves, kitty gets to with the ribbons, everyone is happy :smile:!)
  14. These are all beautiful on you, very flattering to your coloring. Kitty is adorable!
  15. Gorgeous!!!
    How I wanted this scarf ( this pattern)

    I love roses but this pattern doesn't want to work on me, tried other colours as well. This one colour space between the flour and the hem "kills" the beauty of the pattern on me:oh::oh:
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  16. Thank you :smile: