Scarves Hermès Fall/Winter 18 Scarves

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  1. These threads are archived as part of our reference library, therefore please only post scarves on this thread from the season in the title. If you are not sure, please do a search or ask in the ID this scarf thread before you post. :drinks:

  2. Oh, OK, I suspected that but was not positive. I echo the sentiment that you should be hired as the Hermes model!
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  3. What is the name of this scarf.?
  4. My dear Bova, this is so lovely! What a great combo of colors.

    This looks great. Fabulous design when tied.

    Welcome to our scarfie community!
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  5. Love this!!!!!
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  6. Twins!
    This is such a beautiful scarf and it looks stunning on you!
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  7. My pick for Autumn/Winter 2018: Chale Grand Manage Bandana 140
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  8. So nice to be twins with you imagineme, enjoy your beautiful carré!
  9. This is fabulous! I was about to start complaining about not enough black this season....Very good pick, starprism!
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  10. Thank you so much bostonjetset...still undecided on whether to keep or not!!

    A perfect choice starprism!
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  11. I'm not blydia but it is a men's scarf.
    Awooooo scarf 100
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  12. Thank you all for your welcoming replies and likes. Saranga, thank you for these fabulous photos! I will receive cw 05 tomorrow! Ordered it at 1:45pm from on Friday - great service, yes? It was on the Fedex truck at 4:30 am yesterday! Since I couldn’t view these in person, I’m glad I chose cw05 instead of cw06, which was what was available, except for the monochromatic pastels cws. I do love cw06, as well as cw12 and 07, but12 hasn’t been on the website in weeks. I am visiting NYC early Nov, so I may call Madison Ave to see what cw’s they have, to compare and exchange, if need be. I feel somewhat intimidated to visit, though. What is it like to visit an Hermes store, anyone? Any input is greatly appreciated . OTH, I should be happy with my cw05 - it’s gorgeous and a good color for me. Either way, I’m blessed!
    For everyone’s information, I chose my handle in honor of the great couturier and costume designer, Barbara Karinska, who worked with George Balanchine and designed tutus and costumes for the New York City Ballet.
    And reading through some of this thread on Act III, another great MSND’s production is NYC Ballet’s. Enchanting is an understatement. Pure Balanchine genius. So of course, I had to have this Hermes gem. Who has seen it?
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  13. Thanks @momasaurus . I dont usually choose black from Hermes, but this is oo pretty to let this go
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  14. Thank you both on the kind input which makes me more eager to see this losange in person, but I may not be able to justify the price tag also... 1700 euro will make it into around 2300 usd I guess...
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  15. So I just flipped through the little F/W 18 scarf booklet (I know, but I don’t check mail that often plus I didn’t think I needed another scarf... ). And OMG, So many things I like! Off to check this whole thread.

    Edit: on second thoughts, maybe I shouldn’t, just learnt that the camel hair Losange is almost 2000 eur?! :amazed:
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  16. you are flattering me :blush: I sure would tell them to get their color settings in order!
    thank you dear!
    thanks, I do too, love the polka-dots from the stars and the stripes from the birch trees and the texture of the fur...also works great with my little blue iolite earrings :biggrin::heart:
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