Scarves Hermès Fall/Winter 18 Scarves

  1. Ooo pictures????
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  3. Beautifully modeled - you tie them so well too
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  4. Dear @BBC and @hannahsophia, here are some pics of the Battery Conservancy and Flamingo Party scarves I got yesterday. So, i went looking for AW18 scarves and walked away with two past special editions. Love my new SA who has gotten to know my tastes and called me to alert me to these. 315D1453-992F-4624-A248-8F24233A1341.jpeg 270776A7-A72E-4769-9477-3C970B753892.jpeg Here is my Flamingo Party party and some details from the FP Miami boutique special edition. 5D787630-2454-475B-A34E-8EA7CAF3B186.jpeg 8F131BA4-EB0A-4940-AB6F-B49264353469.jpeg B8C5ED93-1AC0-4F89-9993-0EEF57D150D3.jpeg 442DC042-9218-412D-B2ED-08140368AAFE.jpeg E6FB2788-D865-4FD2-9DEC-FFEF0E71613A.jpeg
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  5. Wowowow!!
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  6. Twins on the battery park. Love that teal hem on the Miami FP. Amazing that they still had one!
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  7. Gorgeous fifi!
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  8. Both very special, congratulations

    It's great having these special editions, plus I can see they're going to look great on you which is still important even in the rarity
  9. Hello everyone!
    It’s been a long while since I last posted. Firstly, I want to thank Yodaling for providing such a wealthy online resource to preview each season’s new inventory and decide what we’re interested in. I await these photos anxiously and I cannot thank you enough dear Yodaling!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Looking at the pictures you posted, I had fallen in love with Tout En Carré, and I bought it today in blue. Here are pictures of the pink and blue versions. I tried on a whole bunch of other designs, but it never occurred to me that I should photograph any of them. Shame on me for not being as selfless and sharing as Yodaling! I will know better next time. I had a hard time choosing between these two, so my SA offered to take my pictures, and pictures of both colors in case I decided to exchange it when I got home. I love it even better at home, I will not exchange it. So here are the pictures!



    I have to also thank all the lovely ladies who have been posting their new season finds, and graciously modeling them for us, it’s wonderful to see them modeled, they all look so beautiful, thank you all!❤️
  10. The Miami Flamingo is gorgeous. I love mine. The colors are beautiful. Congrats.
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  11. Hello again, these did not appear for some reason, so one more try...

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  12. Still pictures missing:sad:
    upload_2018-7-12_19-20-52.jpeg upload_2018-7-12_19-21-12.jpeg
  13. You are hardly geriatric but I'd rather see lovely ties and knots around the neck than last year's pix of scarf as swimsuit! LOL.
    So glad you got the special edition scarves!
    I thought of you yesterday because I wore the special edition Canada scarf to the boutique. (One does occasionally try to dazzle the SAs, right?) I mentioned having driven all the way to Montreal to get this scarf and the SA said - oh we had a bunch of these come in. LOL! REMEMBER how it was supposed to be only available in Canada????!!!!
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  14. SOOOOO glad you decided to get these! They are perfect for you.
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  15. Really? Was that at Madison?
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