Scarves Hermès Fall/Winter 18 Scarves

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  1. These threads are archived as part of our reference library, therefore please only post scarves on this thread from the season in the title. If you are not sure, please do a search or ask in the ID this scarf thread before you post. :drinks:

  2. I can see you rocking any of those, Moma, but would really love to see that Summers Day on you.
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  3. Whaaaa???? You’re just gonna leave that there without any details???? What were they?
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  4. This is just soooo elegant on you!!! Absolutely a winner!!!
  5. Wow! I want this in my living room!
  6. I have mentioned in an earlier post here that the cw online is incorrect.

    Here is the actual On a Summer's Day cw 01 Marine/Saumon/Multicolor
    View attachment 4129585 View attachment 4129584

    And here is the actual On a Summer's Day cw 03 Ebene/Bleu roi/Orange which @Angelian shared lots of beautiful pics paired with different colors.

    Cw 01 is more muted in comparison to cw 03 that is more pop. I hope this helps anyone who is considering this silk or ordering it online.

    @litchi Still no signs of the three designs in washable silks at my store. Sorry!
  7. Love these choices
  8. moma, I find the Plume twill easier to throw on and go; it's somewhere between the ethereal weight of a mousseline and the more substantial weight of a 90 twill. Leaving aside the issue of how much sizing H uses on any particular run, I generally find that Plumes are really, really soft, like a well-loved older issue but without the sueded texture like the vintage 70s or a dip-dye, and there's more of that fabric to wrap around your neck so you get the luxurious feeling of a lot of silk without the thickness of a CSGM.
    For me, the Twill 140's only work as a shawl ---- triangle fold, over a dress or shirt. When I try to tie them in some sort of knot or use a scarf ring, I can't seem to get them to scrunch up enough to not feel like a huge pile of heavy silk resting on places that don't need a huge additional pile, if you get my drift. When I've tried to wear them in the winter, where the weight of the silk is more similar to the weight of the rest of the winter wardrobe, I've found them not pliable enough like the cashmeres. I guess it's back to the scrunch factor.
    Having said that, and despite having re-homed one I thought I couldn't live without but never wore, I found this Tete de Cheval Tattoo irresistible.
    View attachment 4129597
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  9. My wallet is toast if the cws suit.....
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  10. Oh thank goodness there is one CW that won't work for me. LOL.
    Thanks, wen. These website mistakes are certainly annoying.
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  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain this. Makes a lot of sense. Do you think you love the new tattoo because the jacquard softens the texture somewhat?
  12. I got my first sight of the new collection today, Acte III transported me back to a magical and memorable performance of A Midsummer's Night Dream at Regent's Park London open air theatre. Cw 10 was on display but had sold out - this is the cw I'm most interested in thanks to the magnificent modelling pics posted on this thread. I tried cw 04 but held back until I'm able to compare both cws.
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  13. I'm glad to help! Re: the new tattoo, no, it's not really softer, it was just too fabulous to leave behind :biggrin:; I get that way sometimes :P.
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  14. Thanks everyone. I really like them both and am considering getting a third in the yellow, pink, blue CW and getting the 45cm in the pink and yellow for my DD so that we can match.
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  15. Thank you! I’m not sure how I missed it! Gorgeous!
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  16. Yes, the hem is a darkish yellow and was one of my favorite features of this CW. It is a very elegant and sophisticated CW. And I loved the turquoise pop!

    Didn’t choose any from the new collection because I want to see more. I would like to get at least another design before I double-up on the Acte III. I’m very happy with my Acte III. Love the purple clouds and I think it’s a great CW for me because I don’t have much of that in my collection.

    I was so surprised about the difference in shade and hue of all the CWs of this design from the online pics! I walked in with my heart set on CW23 and now, after seeing the amazing CW15, I’ve had to walk away to think about it. Plus, I want to see more CWs. My SA mentioned a couple that he thinks will be gorgeous and he promised to call the minute they come in

    What a sweet thing to say! Well, if Hermès ever decides to do a geriatric page, I may apply for the job LOL

    Haha! Well, the store found floating in never never land in their inventory ONE Flamingo Party special edition created for the Miami store opening. It is so special because in the banner it states “Hermès Miami” which is perfect because the design features Florida species. I own two Flamingo Party scarves and one was SO similar to this CW, but I couldn’t let that one go and I took it! The other was the Ugo Gattoni made for the Battery Park Conservancy which I never got when it came out. So, I got it as well. I feel slightly guilty for deviating from my programmed course of new season purchases, but as @momasaurus told me, these are special and I know I would regret it later.
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