Scarves Hermès Fall/Winter 18 Scarves

  1. Found those pictures on IG. Could it be a glimpse of things to come for the forthcoming AW season?
    IMG_4534.jpg IMG_4535.jpg IMG_4536.jpg IMG_4537.jpg
  2. Another one to add to the bunch.

  3. That Medor pyramid bag is gorgeous! :loveeyes:
  4. OMG!!!
    Is Kermit Oliver back with Pani la shar pawnee?
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  5. A horsey collection !
  6. A couple more of the bag :smile:
    In the background of the first photo it looks like a scarf with the new Hermes alphabet.
    IMG_3543.jpg IMG_3542.jpg
  7. I’m not even sure I’ve bought everything I need from the S/S 2018 collection and here we go again...thank you for posting, love to find out more but my mind is not yet ready for a new collection
  8. The scarves in the 1st pictures (with horses/4 CWs) are definitely from the new season. So I assume that the other ones are as well.
    Managed to get that confirmed from the Silk Manager in one of London’s stores but I had to be careful not to divulge too much or name my sources. She did mention that olive/absinthe green would feature in many models which seems to be confirmed by the 4th picture. She mentioned Alice Shirley and some big cat (again...) in CSGM. And a “high-tech” 90. Whatever that means... Couldn’t get more out of her...
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  9. Wow! The Kelly A Dos is coming back!!!
  10. What????!!!! I literally just got most of my SS scarves list checked a few hours ago and now the new round starts??? Is H spying on our shopping schedule or what? :faint:

    Thank you for posting pics and starting the thread.
  11. “Le Tour du Monde en 63 cases” by Pierre Marie that will come in a 90cm silk.
    WhatsApp Image 2018-03-31 at 20.26.00.jpeg
    Also, Alice Shirley alluded to a wolf scarf for this FW18 at her talk that I attended.

    The silk on the wall with a red border looks to me, a Nigel Peake design.
  12. I thought the same.
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