Hermes F/W 2007

  1. saw this on another site, hope the pics come through:


    check out the kelly's new role...


    a suede kelly flat! looks like the flat will continue...


    a croc one, and the matching coat! :nuts:
  2. [​IMG]

    i know no bags here, but i LOVE this outfit...except the hat.

    check out JPG below! :biggrin:

    and i love this kelly :love:

  3. another shot of the kelly muff:


    not sure i'm a big fan...


    and finally, i love what they did with this scarf in this pic:

  4. that leather coat is TDF.
  5. That kelly is gorgeous!
  6. That first one looks like Barenia to me.
  7. [​IMG]

    Love this outfit... and that shiny JPG kelly clutch


    GASP... that is floor length croco coat.... No wonder there is a shortage of croc skins... they all went into making this coat
  8. looks like a backpack in barenia

  9. OMG! The clothing is GORGEOUS this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That matte croc coat!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!

    I LOVE all the tweed, too. Done really well. And I want a Kelly Muff, just for the name.....
  10. My SA told me there is a new "beige" ... this seems to be the color

  11. It's called "parchment"
  12. Thanks GF... the french are good at coining up names....
  13. ^ LOL, they sure are!
  14. I really love the hats (like the newsboy caps ?),
    I wonder how much they'll cost ?
  15. The bloody RTW always costs SO much! I was looking at some summer cashmere the other day - almost two thousand dollars for a bloody cardigan! I'm hoping to score it cheaper in NY.