Hermes Experts!!! Your help is needed!

  1. Are these Birkins:
    51300565.jpg 51304641.jpg
  2. The top looks curved and I always thought Birkins tops were straight not curved? :flowers:
  3. Both are definitely not Birkins as the strap goes into the bag.
  4. Does anyone actually know what the name of them are? There is a thread in handbags and purses asking about them.
  5. Definitely not birkins. But not sure what they are???
  6. I'm surprised no one noticed these. Someone put them in the Socialites and their Birkins thread. That's where the pfer found them.
  7. I thought there two pics where in that thread!
  8. They look like Lana Marks bags to me.
  9. After much google-ing I think I've answered my own query! :yes:

    They are not Hermes but CeCe Cord bags!