Hermes experts-Please help a newbie with your knowledge !

  1. Hello Hermes ladies,

    I am new to this forum and was wondering if you could answer my questions about Hermes bags? Could you please tell me which higher end department stores here in the USA carry these bags? I thought Neimans does, but my store doesn't have them.

    I am really interested in the bag called the Evelyne. My sister is going to visit France in December. Does the Paris store carry this bag in stock, or must one place a special order for it? If anyone has been to the Paris store recently, any chance you would know the price for the Evelyne?

    I thank you all in advance for helping me know more about the brand you love!!
  2. i'v only seen a few bags (mostly garden party totes) at Neimans. i think you can call around the different hermes boutiques and ask what color/size/leather evelynes they have available. since they aren't kellies or birkins, maybe they would be willing to charge/ship to you.

    what color are you thinking? i love it in blue jean!!!
  3. AFAIK, the only NMs that carry Hermes bags are the Mazza Gallerie (sp?) in Tyson's Corner and the NM in Troy, Michigan. Last time I checked, both locations had Evelynes in the PM and GM sizes in stock. There are lots of Evelyne fans on the board, and I don't believe the Evelyne is a particularly hard to find bag. I think there should be lots of options in Paris, between the George V boutique and the 24 Fbg flagship boutique. I keep thinking there's another H boutique in Paris...

    Someone more expert will be along to help.

    I don't know anything at all about the prices in Euros. That information will depend on what size you want. The Evelyne II has an outer pocket, while the regular Evelyne doesn't. The II is more expensive than the original.

    Off the top of my head, I believe Evelynes come in TPM, PM, GM, TGM sizes. There might be more. Someone else will chime in with more information, I'm sure.
  4. Does Saks or Bloomingdales carry Hermes?

    Can you tell me why you would prefer an Evelyne with or without an outside pocket?

    Thanks for all the help so far !!
  5. No, as far as I know, N-M is the only department store that carries H.

    I have the Evelyne PM2, with the outside pocket. For me the pocket is really convenient. I keep the inside "pristine" with just my H accessories, but the extra pocket outside is perfect for keys, iPod, cell phone, etc. It's just soooo handy!!

    If you can't find one locally, try calling an H boutique near you. That's what I did. I called several H boutiques and told them what I was looking for. They emailed pictures and were so very helpful. I finally found the bag I wanted from one of those I had contacted. They all had different policies on returns. One had a two-week return policy (for full credit on my card) and one gave me only 48 hours to look at it and return it to get all my money back. I think they all were willing to be generous about the return because I had never seen this style bag in person.

    Good luck!!
  6. Hi moreLV, welcome to the forum. I unfortunately cannot help you with the US stores, being in the UK. However, I bought an evelyne in the GM size only two days ago for £1,170 (c.USD2,400). I love it and would definitely recommend it - make sure you get one with the outside pocket, very useful. I was in the H store at 24 Faubourg a month ago and there were quite a few evelynes - the prices in Paris are 5-10% cheaper than the ones I have quotes above. Mind you, with the Dollar getting weaker and H not being able to adjust the prices as fast, you may be paying more or less the same in the US. Good luck with the shopping!

  7. ^^^^
    Hi ebruo,
    I will be in Paris next June/July to visit IL's, and was planning to make a stop at Hermès @ 24.....was there a pretty good selelction of colors/styles there? I too, like the OP have been eyeing the Evelyne in either a chocolate or raisin color (yummmmmy), but I guess if they dont' have it, I will have more to spend at LV.....but I am hoping to see that bag IRL.......<-----may cause me to go from the brown side to the orange side !!!!!!!! lol!