Hermes experts needed please!

  1. Sorry, that's a fake. Hermes bags do not come with authenticity cards. Also, interior details are all wrong.. :smile:
  2. If anyone would know you would Greentea! I have to take another peek at your potiron now!!!
  3. Thanks, KB! I'm trying to send positive potiron thoughts across the States to you! I love, love, love the color!
    Although, I think my next H bag should be gold or chocolate. I have two very distinct colors now and need a true neutral.

    Look at me - already plotting my next purchase when this one is still smokin'!
  4. ...and also the price is just too good to be true...;)
  5. Greentea - Chocolate! That's my vote...

    I have one chocolate handbag - Chanel - and I LOVE it! I use it all the time as the color goes with just about everything.
  6. They also state "gold palladium hardware" I didn't know it could have both together...Haha LOL!!!:lol:
  7. LOL!

    I'm thinking Plume next - never seen one in chocolate but one in Marron Fonce might be beautiful. I've seen one in gold with white stitching that was perfect. Unlike the faboo Birkin, I do need something that is very simple and understated.
  8. I totally second that, Greentea!! Brown Plume is devine and "très chic"!! Go Girl !! Just 'cause we've just bought one bag doesn't meen we can sit back on our laurels, can we ?!?! :lol:
  9. he he girls are funny!! No, we can't take one minute to stop thinking about the next bag....with different styles, colors, and leathers - you have to be on top of this stuff!!! Oh where oh where is my plume!! I'm really looking forward to the box leather...
  10. Ok that bag looks SO totally fake. First of all I dno't know of ANY Hermes bag that comes with that ugly hangtag. Second, I wasn't aware that Hermes supplied authenticity cards. I certainly didn't get one with my Kelly.

    Ugh The price itself should also be a warning sign to people to stay the heck away from this one.
  11. I wouldnt even spend 1 cent on that damn bag. A beat up birkin would prolly fetch 3000+, there is no way a brand new birkin cost below 1k. I'm feeling sorry for all the bidders there :sick: