Hermes expects I need help with a special project!

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  1. Hello, I think many of you know I am working on a very special project. I think I may be looking for a white kelly pouchette...does anyone know of a store that might have one in stock and the price.

  2. Any leather preference?
  3. no, on this short notice, I will just be happy to find one :smile:
  4. I'll keep a look out.
  5. Twink

    I will be at Hermes on Friday, I can check and if they have it let you know and pick it up. Or is that to late?
  6. Oh, that would be fab...let me know :smile:
  7. Does anyone know the price?
  8. Are we talking about the JPG Kelly or the Kelly Longue? I'll hit up SF on Thursday and peek!
  9. $4K-ish?
  10. ^^^Thanks, someone pm'ed me it might be stretch, but I am going to try!
  11. Don't give up, twinkle. Give it a shot. I wish for success to come of this. It would be an excellent outcome, to say the least.

    I have emailed you. Let me know if you have received it. ;)
  12. :happydance:
  13. Ok ladies, in atempt at a positive attitude I am going to hit the phones today...any tips to ensure success, should I call the 800 number, or just start call individual boutiques?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated :smile: