Hermes Exotics in Action

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  1. #1 Oct 9, 2018
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    This thread is for anyone to post photos of themselves or celebrities that are wearing any Hermes exotics.
    (I accidentally clicked on scarves and don’t know how to remove it)

    Here’s Daphne Guinness, Beyoncé, Melania Trump carrying
    Hermès Crocodile Birkins

    IMG_5234.jpg IMG_5235.jpg
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  2. IMG_5236.jpg
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  3. My small contributions to this thread. H watch with two different alligator straps (raspberry and blackcurrant) and my Kelly dog bracelet. IMG_1539177283.148765.jpg IMG_1539177333.365269.jpg IMG_1539177346.857062.jpg
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  4. Thank you for starting this thread!!! Can’t wait to see all the awesome pics!!!
  5. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post pics that I find off IG but mrs_bcworld has the most beautiful exotic bags I’ve ever seen. Here are a few. #baggoals

    IMG_5241.jpg IMG_5239.jpg IMG_5240.jpg
  6. my trusted old gal

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  8. Melania Trump looks so darn good in anything I have a girl crush on her. I ve tried that look - gauchos with stilletos (yeah...nah...minus the croc Birkin hehehe) so many times and wind up looking silly and malnourished. It’s never the clothes or accessories, it’s the wearer.
  9. I'd like to remind everybody that tPF tries to stay away from politics.

    I'd also like to remind everyone that a member cannot edit a post if a) some time has lapsed and b) you have quoted that person within your own post.

    Additionally I'd like to point out it's almost 1am my side of the World and I need my beauty sleep more than I care to admit so enjoy the thread and have fun and use your ignore function setting if need be.
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  10. Have you removed something because your post doesn't seem to relate to anything previously posted ?
  11. There were posts on here that the moderators felt were political so they removed it.
  12. Dorothy Wang posted these beauties on IG today for National Handbag Day

  13. :yes:

    Sometimes posts are clearly political by intention, others are deemed so more by reception. We don't all live in the same locations so understandably erring on the side of caution, tPF requests "No posting of or linking to content or discussions that are of a political or religious nature. Exceptions in forums where indicated.".

    In the future, in the interests of respect and support for all members of this H-loving community further posts related to this discussion will be deleted.

    Let's move on.
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  14. LOVE this bag. I can’t decide if it is a 25 or 30. Does anyone know?
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