Hermes Exclusive or Diverse Collection

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  1. It seems tpfers are split between those who carry H exclusively, and those who still love to collect and use other favorite brands in addition to Hermes.

    I tend to fall in love with a brand rather than a specific style of bag, and then gravitate toward a collection that is exclusively that brand. So now I have a few Hermes bags and a few Valextras, and am considering whether to go H exclusive (I was V exclusive for a while, and didn't regret letting my other designer bags go - Chloe, Bottega, Tods, etc.). those of you who have gone H exclusive or tried, were you content after the fact, or did you miss some of your old standbys?:shrugs:

    And for those who aren't H exclusive, do you find yourself favoring your H bags and not going back to the others enough to justify keeping them?
  2. I'm this way in my life in general... somewhat extreme loyalty to one brand, one dog breed, etc. For handbags and small leather goods it is H exclusively.
  3. I think for most of my bag needs, I am moving exclusively to H also. I love leather and I am mad at myself for not discovering the bags sooner!

    Anyway, I will slowly build a nice collection and I have been letting my other brands go to other homes.
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    Good question.
    I am in the process of thinning out my Vuitton collection.
    When it came time to actually make a choice, some pieces, although not the most minty, I could not give up, such as this favorite Speedy 25 in yellow epi and the matching accessories.
    I picked up the cles online and had LV replace the zipper and hardware. I also have a matching little makeup zippered pochette, a rare VIP item, not pictured.[​IMG]
    Could not part with that set. It has purple on the inside and really won't be made anymore. Plus, it is so sunny and makes me happy every time I carry it.

    On the other hand, I had no problem giving up a SO Damier cabas piano! Go figure.

    I am about to do round 2 of the triage, but some non-H pieces will stay.
    And my Chanels are not going anywhere.

    I adore my new H, but some days and destinations are definitely not H days/destinations!

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  5. :smile: Double post, sorry
  6. I keep buying other bags, but I never end up using them.
  7. I'm now an inveterate H devotee and use my H bags about 80-90% of the time. Like so many ladies here, I've found that there is no turning back!!

    I haven't really bought bags from other brands for myself in close to 2 years, except for a gold Cartier clutch because I couldn't look to H to fill that gap, and 2 Longchamp Le Pliage which don't count because they're travel protectors for my H!

    I've given away practically everything else, save for my Chanel flaps which I use for situations when H isn't appropriate, and a beige Bottega which I need until I find the right H replacement. So in answer to your last question, yes, I favour my H bags, but will keep the others that serve a purpose.
  8. Don't beat yourself up, zoopla! I used to feel the same way about the money wasted on all those seasonal "it" bags that subsequently never saw the light of day. Then I realised that it was all a part of the learning process to get me to this stage of evolution - kinda like how some girls have to kiss multiple frogs before learning to identify the One that will turn into a prince! ;)
  9. Im totally an H convert and got rid/will get rid even more of my non H-bags and even limited editions will not stay. I just cant imagine carrying anything other than H.
  10. I don't purchase purses other than Hermes. I don't even consider leather goods outside of the Hermes structure.
    My clothing choices however, are fickle. Unless there is an enticing sale, I won't stick with my favorite designers.
  11. In the short span of time I've collected H items, I've certainly bought the most bags from H and use H bags the most. But I still love all my Chanel bags and often give in to the temptation of adding to my Chanel collection. I feel that as much as I love H, H cannot fully replace Chanel's metallic leathers, flap bags, RTW, quirky accessories and oh-so-comfy shoes. I have considered going H exclusive but season after season, Karl doesn't fail to surprise me with the many gorgeous Chanel 'must-buys'. However, H will still hold a very, very special place in my heart. :heart:
  12. Since finding H, I think I will be 99% H from now on. I will probably keep my damier ebene speedy 30 for the non-H days as my knock around bag and my Gucci tote that I still use along with my Lindy. Maybe a couple of other Guccis because they were my first love, but I am slowly getting rid of everything else. I never used my Chanels anyway and the others just aren't anything I will carry again.

    I know for sure I won't be purchasing anything but H from now on.
  13. I'm pretty faithful to Hermes. I'll sometimes buy a silly purse with Cavaliers on them (have had several made by Anya Hindmarch with my dogs pics on them), but that's about it.

    I have a few Chanels that I still use for dressy, but that's it. Why mess with a good thing! :smile: buy other brands???? How big is your house?? :faint:

  14. Just Hermes
  15. Not big at all! Just filled with handbags :smile: I have had an obsession with handbags since I was a little girl. Shoes and coats are an obsession as