Hermes EXCEPTIONAL Sale in Bangkok

  1. Hey girls!!! This is Eric typing away on my Mac in a starbucks in on holiday!

    Hermes is having a HUGE sale in Bangkok. The store is on the ground floor in Siam Paragon...but they have a HUGE sale on the 4th floor just across from the Orangery Cafe. Stuff on sale:

    1. Scarves
    2. HeeBoo - All sizes.
    3. Herbags - cabas and sac-a-dos(backpack): All sizes and colours.
    4. Belts.
    5. Hapi bracelets: black only
    6. WhiteBus Long: 2 bags seen: both chevre de coromandel - raisin and white.
    7. Ominatou: all colours in Box leather.
    8. Tons of non-leather bags.
    9. Tons of clothes.

    Sale ends tomorrow night. If you guys have friends living in BKK, and you need a quick fix with a discount....better ring 'em to go and ring 'em up!
  2. Too bad I´m no where near there :rolleyes: So nice of you to inform everyone!
  3. Oh man too bad I can't be in Bangkok right now! Enjoy the sale and shop for all of us!
  4. What I wouldn't do for that Whitebus White CDC :love:
  5. ugh i hope ill be in paris for Hermes sale in summer time!!