Hermes Evergraine Is Mmm Mmm Good!

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  1. This threads title, was suggested by the funniest man on the Hermes forum!
    He always gets me laughing,and I love his quick wit and great sense of humour.
    Thank you Castorny. You are a great asset to this forum.

    I had just returned home after running errands and attending a meeting. I was starving and looking forward to relaxing and reading the bag full of magazines I had just purchased.

    I had a slice of pizza, and a Campbell's "Soup at Hand" (Garden Tomato) on a plate in one hand, together with the bag of magazines. In my other hand was my Birkin, and a moulding catalogue.

    The scaldingly hot cup of tomato soup, fell off of my plate and spilled all over my Birkin!
    I dropped everything and ran to get a towel.
    I wiped off my Birkin expecting a disaster, and was amazed to see that there was absolutely no damage!!!
    I can't see the slightest trace of evidence that my Birkin had come in contact with anything liquid. This was extremely hot soup!!!!

    I can't say enough good things about Evergraine. It is an amazing leather!
    It has an iridescent, luminous glow. Scratches really do disappear when you rub your fingers over them.

    I had to tell Castorny. He wants to hear anything about Evergraine, and this was one more reason to love it.
    I was not in the greatest mood;but his reply,made me burst out laughing!
    "Evergraine is mmm, mmm, good"!

    Castorny, you brightened my day again!
    Thank You Friend!:heart:
  2. OMG you had me wincing until the happy ending!! What a relief! I've always loved the irridescent quality of Evergraine. A fabulous hand too!!!!
  3. I'm glad everything turned out ok!
  4. Ohmigosh duchess now I understand the thread title. Your swift action saved your bag but what a initial scary feeling!
  5. I am intrigued by evergraine for a birkin as well. How is it holding its shape? Is it smooshy?

    (especially now that I know it is almost indestructible -- lucky you)
  6. I am very lucky that my purse escaped without damage! I can't believe how lazy I was to trying to carry everything at once to save myself a trip downstairs!

    Campbell's soup wasn't so mmm, mmm, good on my rug though. LOL

    For anyone who may not get the title; it is from an old Campbell's Soup commercial.
    "Campbell's Chicken Soup is mmm, mmm, Good"!
  7. Whoa!! I'm so glad everything turned out well. I love practicality!!
  8. I don't have an evergrain birkin, but I have an evergrain kelly. it does hold its shape fairly well, but it is a bit smooshy in my opinion. I love it though. Very soft....but it scratches easily. The good news however is that scratches fade over time.
  9. I thought MMM MMM Good was so FUNNY!! I guess only duchess got the joke! Come on everyone where is your sense of humor!
  10. Oh, how do you spell relief!:yes:
    I'm happy your bag escaped damage! But i'm sorry about the rug!
  11. Castorny; I guess we are showing our age? Could it be Campbell's Soup is not as well known as we think?

    Lulilu; Evergraine holds it's shape and is rather sturdy feeling. It feels very equestrian; somewhat like a bridle or halter leather. Mine isn't smooshy; but it scoops in at the front when empty.

    Thanks Kallie and Encore. I'm sure you can imagine how much I enjoyed cleaning up tomato soup. I tried to save 30 seconds and it ended up costing me 30 minutes!
  12. Whoa! What a story! Yay evergraine!
  13. I adore evergraine. You are so right, that it's very bridlely. Sorry to hear about your soup accident...whew! I was stressed for you reading it... Calgon take me away!! :P

    Thank goodness nothing bad happened!!!
  14. Hmmm....luvvvvvvv evergrain! so glad to hear that it survived hot mmm mmm soup!

    my evergrain jige is getting seasoned as well. On scrutiny, i found the areas where I held the most, the grains disappeared & it became smooth leather & a bit more shine... a bit of box patina there.. woo hoo!!!
  15. I am bumping up my own thread! I can't believe I didn't post the picture of the offending soup can?

    The real reason I am bumping it up is because CastorNY is so funny!