hermes event coming up...

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  1. I have a charity event at the Hermes store coming up.

    Its not like uber beaded cocktail dressy.

    Its cocktail party.....and my SA said it should be a mix of what people wear.

    I was thinking about wearing a black scarf as a top...maybe my black Champs de Courses CdC black with white...

    black cuff light wool pants that are cropped

    some fab fab Manolos...

    and what bag? my kelly went to spa so I have a 30cm brighton blue.....birkin and a 35cm rouge garance birkin....I have rasin but that isnt enough punch.

    or should i do something else? black dress? what?

    I hate being overdressed...

    but...I want to be snazzy so I can make the paper ;)
  2. Outfit sounds great GG - but smaller the better for a cocktail bag. In the absence of Kelly - 30cm BB.

    You can't get a medor before then? :p
  3. yeah I need a clutch...but don't have one yet.

    even if my kelly was not at spa it would be black...and not enough color.

    but I am down south i think alot of people will carry birkins and big bags. I think its supposed to be more casual since its at the store.
  4. Be prepared for a stand-up cocktail party. You may want to carry a bag with a shoulder strap.
  5. yeah I think its all stand up...but I have been lifting weights ;)

    I think I will only go for an hour or so. its 7-9pm and its to debut the fine line of jewelry for Hermes.

    I just want to go to see people, look fantastic, have free cocktails.

    but I wont stay long because I will be there by myself. hubby is in class.

    let me tell you full time engineering job plus getting an MBA at night. NOT FUN FOR ME.
  6. hmmm that's tough. i would do a clutch for the outfit you mentioned (which sounds AWESOME btw). absent of that i would prob pick the rouge or raisin. i'm not sure i would do brighton. too much of a pop with the black and white.
  7. yeah I have a vintage alligator bag I bought from London that is not Hermes but I kinda feel like I should be a Hermes bag. hard times.

    FleurDeLis I see you are looking at the thread. miss ya babe.
  8. You red birkin is fab. The color and leather look so rich and scrumptous. Go for the red. It will be the perfect mix of color.
    IT is event crazy here in our ALASKAN state. We need to keep an eye out in all the social publications I think we will see some familiar faces
  9. do you guys think a 35cm birkin will be too big?

    oh great, my dog has gas. not good.

    well anyway. I will be in 4 inch plus heels
  10. Dear Ms. G07:

    HOW FUN it will be!!!!!!!!!!!

    Probably a nice black semi-formal dress with a EYE POPPING bag and it will for sure to make you stand-out!!!

    Since it is a Hermes party, the DEFINITELY H bag!!!

    Pls let us know how it turned out???
  11. Not that it will be too big. But picture the scenario. You are at the store, you are dressed to the nines in you dressiest heels. It is a stand up cocktail party with nowhere to put your bag. You are juggling a glass of wine in one hand and a plate of crudites in the other. Where does the bag go?
  12. See you're wearing an H scarf so i think a vintie croc bag would be great. but then again i'm odd in the world of hermes. LOL.
  13. ok so let me get this straight:
    Kelly in the shop
    Choices are blue or red birkin
    If you wear the larger birkin (red)I think nice slacks with the scarf top is perfect. I think the 35 would appear a little big if you wear a dress to a cocktail event.
    So pick out the outfit first: if you wear a dress use the 30cm blue if pants the 35cm red.
    MY VOTE IS FOR THE RED BAG WITH SCARF TOP. The scarf top is always a hit. I just wore the jungle scarf as a top (also with Manolos)to a charity event today and I carried my red kelly.
  14. I'm betting it won't be fancy dress. People will be coming in from work and have on great pants, jackets. Your scarf top will be a stand out! I'd go with the red bag. That black/white/red combo is KILLER!

    Have fun!
  15. Seems that you really need an Hermes clutch, guccigal. I'm thinking Croc Mini Jige.