Hermes Evelyne - what colour?

  1. I want to buy a Hermes Evelyne as it's much lighter than my Kelly Bag which I used frequently, morever, it's cheaper and I will not be very upset if it gets scratched.

    I have a few handbags which I used more often:
    Black colour LV epi
    Camel colour LV epi
    Blue colour LV epi
    White colour furla
    Pitorin (pumpkin orange) colour Kelly 32cm

    I want to get a Hermes Evelyne, and In Hong Kong, these colours are available:
    Brown (dark)
    Green (light)
    Grey (dark) and
    e-toupe (like lighter grey)

    My first priority would be blue jean, but rarely in stock, and my second priority is e-toupe. Actually I quite like gold too, but my Kelly is of that colour tone, and I have a LV which has the same colour. I want blue jean is because I love using more vibrant colour handbags, and e-toupe is not as attractive as blue jean.

    Shall I wait for a blue jean or go for e-toupe?

    Please advice.
  2. I personally love green but you should wait for exactly what you want.
  3. Have you see the Evelyn in Blue Brighton? It has more pop than Blue Jean I think. Sorry to give you more to consider rather than help you narrow down your decision! If you want a vibrant colour go for Brighton ( if you really like blues that is) - Blue Jean could actually be treated as a neutral with most casual/smart casual outfits.
  4. Thanks to seeing some of the members pictures here--I love the Evelyne in etoupe. :smile:
  5. Whether you are paying 8K or 2K, you should buy the bag you love and sings to you. An evelyne is a great opportunity to get a pop of color. It is beautiful in the blues, reds, greens, raisin....

    If you are feeling you are "settling" for etoupe, I would pass on that one and wait for the blue jean, or perhaps brighton blue if you like that lovely color as well.

    It also comes in rouge h, which is a lovely neutral red. I think you can probably to a search in your store for this, and have one send over for you. They do that sometimes for evelynes.

    good luck!!!!
  6. I vote for "pop" as well! I personally think red Evelynes are quite lovely, but if I were a blue jean person, I'd like that too. Then there's always white, but that's not really all-year-wearable.
    I think Etoupe is a gorgeous color, but I also think it can be hard to wear. I think it's very important to be sure that the color will work for your skin tone and hair color. I was surprised when I tried on a bag in Etoupe that it did NOT work for me at all; I'm a cool blonde with light skin, blue eyes, and an ash-blonde tone to my hair. I was absolutely convinced Etoupe would be perfect on me, and it wasn't.

    Good luck with your decision! I'm sure you will love whatever bag you choose :yes:
  7. Etoupe or Red!!!!!
  8. I've tried etoupe yesterday but it didn't work well for me. I like bright colours. Etoupe is a nice colour though, but doesn't look very good in Evelyne. I saw a H rouge, it's nice, but not very easy to match with Jeans. So I will wait for Blue Jean or Brighton Blue. The sales guy told me it's not hard to come across Blue Jean. I want to buy this bag for everyday wear. I think a bag in blue can match jeans very well. It's really amazing that although HK is a very small island, there are more than 5 Hermes boutique with lots of nice stock, esp handbags. Just that they don't have the colour of evelyne I like.
  9. If you really like Blue Jean, you should then wait for it to arrive. I personally have a red one and love it!! I am sorry to hear that Etoupe did not work out coz I love Etoupe as well!!
  10. I would wait for a blue jean because its what you really want.:heart:
    It's important because that is what your :heart: desire! :smile:
  11. Personally I'm dying for an Evelyn in etoupe or graphite :drool:
  12. I saw a Brighton Blue Evelyne at my store and it looks hot! I have an Etoupe Evelyne, because I love neutral colours. You should wait for the colour you really want and not settle for one just because it's there.
  13. Brighton Blue is in stock, but it's a bigger size (PM?). I am only 5"4, so a smaller would fit me more. How I will wear the purse is to buy a twilly scarf and bind the strap on one side to make the strap shorter, so that I can carry the bag on the side. I think it's more sporty to wear it long strap in the front, and i am not that type of person. I normally wear jeans with 1-2" heels. Actually after seeing Brighton Blue, I think it's easier to match jeans than blue jeans as most of my jeans are in deeper blue. I will either get Blue Jean or Brighton (see which one is in stock earlier).
  14. I think the brighton blue in PM would be very nice. The Blue Jean in PM size would be nice too, wait for the color you want. :tup:
  15. Brighton Blue is rather similar to the Epi blue (myrtille) which you already have - though fabulous. On that basis I'd wait for the Blue Jean.