Hermès Evelyne PM in Barenia (+ Sac à Dépêches)

  1. I’ve recently bought a used Evelyne PM in Barenia for my girlfriend. There were some spots on it, so I’ve brought it to the store for 'a spa'.
    There, to my great surprise, they’ve told me that Barenia bags will no longer be produced by Hermès.
    Is that actualy true?
    It is my life long dream to ever own a Sac à Dépêches in Barenia, so now I have to look out for a used one, I guess.
    Secondly, can anyone tell me what the value of this suddenly very rare Evelyne PM in barenia is?

    Kind regards from Belgium,

  2. I think there is a lot of confusion out there about the status of barenia (if you search "barenia" in titles of H forum threads, you will see how often this comes up!).

    "They say" there is a newer form of barenia (apparently slightly different from the older barenia), and it has certainly been *very* rare over the last few years - due, "they say", to problems with the tannery that supplies the hide). It still appears in small accessories and often in trim (e.g. with toile combo bags).

    SA knowledge varies from SA to SA and from boutique to boutique. Sometimes there is also SA "spin" (e.g. "for all intents and purposes, this is totally impossible to get"). I have definitely not been told that they will NOT be produced - just that they cannot be ordered by regular folk like me, and that there is a waiting list several years long at my boutique for any barenia bags that happen to come in.

    All-barenia bags definitely tend to attract a premium on resale, because people can't place orders for barenia bags (although perhaps VVIPs are placing SOs?). There are so few being produced that it is essentially impossible to get one, other than via resale.