Hermes Evelyne Mini

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  1. Does anyone know where in the US I can find one? And does the Evelyne 111 tpm have an outside pocket? Thanks for all your help!
  2. The Hawaii Ala Moana Center store has black clemence in stock.
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  3. No pocket in or out
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  4. Americana Manhasset hermeshas a bunch. I don’t believe they ship
  5. They have the one I want but won't ship. Said they are independently owned and not linked to other stores computers.
  6. There’s a black one and a grey one on right now. Will sell out within the hour though I’m sure
  7. I missed the gray one! Please tell me it wasn't a light gray...that's what I want!
  8. Ordered one! Hope I love the color irl! IMG_2157.jpg
  9. Clemence or Epsom souple ?
  10. Clemence.
  11. You'll be very happy with the color.
  12. You will love it. I have four now, it's a bit of an issue ;)
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  13. I hope so, I've never had a red bag before and hope it will coordinate with my wardrobe. It will be here tomorrow!
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    What colors do you have? I saw the new Ambre/yellow color (I don’t recall the specific color name) and it was cute. Thinking of a RP and would love to see the various colors you have :smile:
  15. Manhasset is privately owned. Its inventory is not connected with H corporate and a worldwide search will not show their stock. They order through podium and follow the usual H rules but otherwise that boutique is a separate entity.