Hermes Evelyne GM Blue jean Clemence for $1700- good deal?

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  1. I saw this beautiful online and it's rated 8/10 and stamped F, which I have no idea what it means. It only comes with a dustbag but this will be my first Hermes bag. Is this a good deal- $1700 for the GM Evelyne bag?
  2. i love the evelyne and it's my favorite bag!! i think F means it's from 2002, i'm hoping to link a thread with year/production info for you here - i've never done that before.. - hopefully it's below. i use to have a GM in blue jean and like a dummy i sold it b/c i have 2 other evelyne's and was feeling like i had too many bags - such a beautiful color
  3. Thay - where on the bag do you actually find the stamp? I bought a Kelly last month and I want to see what letter it is (I assume Q or R because its new). Thanks!
  4. On the Kelly you find the stamp on the underneath of the strap (from memory the strap with the engraved hardware) :smile: