Hermes Enamel Braclet

  1. Hi Ladies!!

    I want to either get a Hermes scarf or one of their enamel braclets. (Influenced by all you wonderful lades!!)

    Which one do you think I should get? I want to get either the H braclet or the one with the belt on it in pink (is that a easy color to match?) from their website.

    I am just trying to decide which is more practical that I can use for everyday wear :smile: TIA!!
  2. Well, I think they are both great choices. If it were me I would choose the scarf. I don't wear a lot of jewelry. I also spend a lot of time typing on the computer so when I wear bracelet I find it gets in my way and is uncomfortable and I have to take it off.

    Now there are many different ways to wear a scarf: headband, around your neck, as a belt, etc. Also, I think the scarf will be a little less expensive than the bracelet.

    As far as color, take a look at your wardrobe and then pick a color that will match most of the clothes.
  3. :smile: I'm thinking pink or blue, blue would always go with jeans right?
  4. Both of those colors would look good with jeans.
  5. I think I'd go for a scarf over a bracelet, simply because it's the classic, quintessential Hermes item and more versatile than a bracelet (which I adore, too.) :smile:
  6. :biggrin: I just bought the scarf from cs06!!!
  7. Which one???? Yipppeee! But, which one Ladystara?
  8. The latest one she posted..with the lace :biggrin:
  9. Can you post pictures of the two you are trying to decide upon and we will vote?
  10. I'm wondering if I should wait until we meet in December, but here are the two I have my eye on..they don't have many on the Hermes website.
  11. Now see....I was going to say a bracelet but I'm too late lol!! I love the H bracelet and find it does not in any way interfere with typing, nor does my bangle!! The H is small and fits close, and for some reason the bangle is so light it likes to sit up higher on my arm....I think I can get away with wearing the same bracelet every day or so but not the same not you must get a bracelet lol!! Congrats though on the scarf!
  12. - yeah, Shoes, she just needs both! :angel: :shame: :yes:
  13. :biggrin: I am going to get a braclet sometime this year! But I want to see it in person so I can figure out how wide it is :smile:
  14. My vote would be the bracelet just love them.... am on the hunt for a collier du chien bracelet....note to oneself must stop spending.....:smile:
  15. Ladystara, are you still debating the colour? I am often indecisive about colour choices. A good trick is to look in your wardrobe and set aside the things you wear most (or things you never wear). You may find you buy a particular colour, but never wear it. I did this recently and found I have quite a few red linen shirts, jackets etc. None of them have been worn! A process of elimination often works well in these choices.