Hermes Enamel Bracelets - need sizing help

  1. Hi everyone,

    I want to purchase my first Hermes enamel bracelet. I know which one I want, but my question is - do the bracelets come in different sizes? I went to the Hermes website and it didn't ask me to pick a size. Someone on Ebay is selling one in size GM and PM. I am not sure what this means. Can someone point me to where I can find out this info?

    I greatly appreciate anyone's help! Thank you. :smile:
  2. PM = small (petite), GM = big (grand)
    The PM I believe has a circumference of 6", the GM 7,5" (I may err on the sizes....). If you have small wrists, the PM should be fine. If not, get the GM.
  3. Thank you, hello. How big is the GM? Is it huge? If I have a small wrist but a big hand I'm wondering if it would slip off. Then I wonder if I can get the PM over my hand! LOL.
  4. Hi Sorry Shelley, I thought you were referring to the H clic clac bracelets. The info I gave were for the clic clac bracelets, not the bangles. Sorry.
  5. Oh, okay. Do you know if the enamel bangles also come in PM and GM?
  6. They do come in two different sizes. I have the smaller size and even though I have big hands it works. The big size was way to big and I'm not petite. :P
  7. That definitely helps me out, crochetbella. I have these really skinny wrists so the GM would probably be too big!
  8. The PM should work for you then ^ I probably have size 7 hands for gloves and am able to squeeze my hand in without too much issue--easier on my left hand and a tighter squeeze on my right. I believe the diameter on my PM is 2.5 inches.
  9. I know this is a stupid question - but how do I measure the diameter! LOL
  10. The diameter is the distance across the circle, assuming you are buying a circular bangle, with no clasp like the clic clacs.
  11. It's 2.5 inches accross? I don't think I can fit my hand through that...that is small!!
  12. ShelleyM...I have pretty wide hands in my opinion (knuckle area), but normal to even petite wrist size. I have bangles on now that are 2.5-2.6 inches across. I can fit them with no problem and they don't slip off due to the width of my hand. It sounds small, but it really isn't.
  13. :yes: sounds smaller than it feels.
  14. Thank you all for your help! I am eyeballing this one...does anyone own it? :heart:
  15. OR in this color (can't decide!!)