Hermes Enamel Bracelet or Tiffany's bracelet

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to Hermes. I am wondering whether I should get a Hermes one or a Tiffany's one? I know that they are of different made (one is enamel and another one is sterling silver), for some of you that own both items, what would be your suggestions in terms of durability, best-valued and of course fashionable! :smile:

    PS I just give up on the idea on getting an LV inclusion bracelet cos I was told that it got scratches easily and it's only made of reises which is quite highly priced.
  2. Which Tiffany bracelet are you considering?

    But my answer is probably H anyway!
  3. Which T's are you thinking of???
    Is it a bangle?
  4. It would depend on the bracelets. Can you describe or post photos?
  5. Sure, will do. Got caught up at work. Will do in a few hour's time. Thx!
  6. I love the simplistic elegance of Tiffany jewelry, not to mention the afforable price point that comes with sterling silver, so I'd probably go with them unless it's one of those garish "Return to Tiffany" pieces :Push:
  7. OK. I don't know how to get the pictures from Tiffany..

    Here's are a few in my mind
    1. Heart Lock Charm in Sterling silver on a stainless steel bracelet, midnight (the darker one) US$320
    2. Snowflake tag charm in bracelet of sterling silver US$230
    3. Baby charm bracelet in sterling silver US$ 495
    4. Elsa Peretti charm bracelet in sterling silver US$450
    5. Seas Starfish bracelet with turqoise in sterling silver US$225
    6. Seashore charm bracelet in sterling silver US$495

    As some of these are pretty much the same as Hermes enamel bracelet (I prefer the black ones), right now I love the one with numbers on it.

    What would you all think? Durability, best-valued and fashionable are my criteria when I'm choosing it.
  8. unless you want like a little charm bracelet... hermes all the way!:tup:
  9. any more suggestions?

    i plan to visit the store in a few hour's time
  10. I'd go for the H bracelet too, timeless elegance whereas Tiffany you generally end up outgrowing......I bought a whole bunch of Tiffany silver jewellery about 6 years ago and have got rid of all of it bar one ring
  11. H all the way
  12. Unless it's Tiffany sterling silver wide heavy cuff Hermes all the way.
  13. [​IMG]
    I have the above bangle but with gold edging, not silver and I love it - it's so striking, one of my favourite pieces and as someone who wears black all the time, it's a pop of colour. I get lots of comments when I wear this bangle. DH chose it for me, I wasn't sure 'ooh too colouful', lol. So glad he bought it for me now. Works well in the day and evening.

    I really know nothing about Tiffany as I'm an H girl through and through but an advert cauight my eye a few years ago for their Atlas bangle - my friend was given it too for Christmas - the gold one. I do think it is stunning and one of the few non-Hermes items I would love, in silver.


    I'm no help at all, lol but good luck with your decision, post a pic of what you get
  14. I would go with H all the way but that's me. You've gotta get what you love. Several years ago I bought a few Tiffany items from time to time but always ended up sending them back. I really wasn't all that impressed. For me it doesn't come close to the "magic" of H.
  15. Report: I finally got a Tiffany's (sorry to disappoint all H lovers). It catches my eyes more as of today's visit.

    I'll be saving up for next time. I'm planning to get an H-bracelet in black. Classic and classy. :smile:

    Will join in the Hermes family pretty soon.