Hermes Enamel bracelet - anyone know about sizing? rop

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  1. are these one size fits all?? does anyone have the width dimensions of the narrow vs. the wide...

    sorry i know this is a jewelry question but im hoping you can help!!
  2. The enamel bracelets (both narrow, medium, and large width) come in PM and GM diameter sizes. The ones on the website are 2.5" in diameter (PM) and I believe the GMs are 2.75" in diameter to accommodate different sized wrists.
  3. The enamel bangles come in the PM and GM. This is the same whether they are the narrow, wide, or xtra wide bangles...

    The PM is 6.5 cm, roughly 2 1/2 inches in diameter
    The GM is 7.0 cm, roughly 2 3/4 in diameter.

    I am not sure about clic clacs.
  4. the website shows clic clacs as 2.5 cm, so perhaps those are the PMs and the measurements are the same for clic clacs...I do believe they come in two sizes.
  5. They do CB :yes:

    The PM clic clac is very small it's only 2.5 at it's widest point IYKWIM. The clic clac is an oval shape not round and according to my SA designed to be more worn as a cuff ie) static on the wrist as opposed to the bracelets which move a bit HTH