hermes** ebay seller

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  1. Does anyone know if this seller, hermes**, sells authentic birkins? They seem real, but just wanted to get some other opinions.

    I'm interested in the vert anis color, would that be a good color for my first birkin?? Or would the rouge H color be better since it's more neutral? Thanks!! :P
  2. I need to double check but the name sounds familiar as a legit seller...
  3. Yes, good seller sells authentic Hermes.

    I would definately choose the rouge H over the vert anis. I had vert anis for about a week then sold it. Great color, but limited.
  4. I have Rouge H and use it just about with everything, I'm not sure about Vert Anis...:smile:
  5. I would go with the Rouge H myself...I feel the Vert Anis is more limited. That, to me, is a bag I would choose after I owned several of the more wearable colors.
  6. Agree with KellyB 100%. It's a color to get if you already have somehting more versatile. :smile:
  7. thanks everyone ! looks like rouge h is the winner =)
  8. She does sell the genuine article but one word of caution. I have a purse friend who purchased a brand-new Hermes bag from her but to her dismay, it didn't come with its box. Unfortunately, my friend didn't read the description carefully. When she asked the seller why it didn't come with its box, she simply replied that it wasn't mentioned in the description! If I were the seller, I would state it clearly in the description and make sure the buyer understands what she is getting. Just FYI! I know some women don't care to have the box but IMHO it's part of the whole package.
  9. Thanks for sharing Lucy :smile:

    IMO good eBay sellers should disclose information like no box, sale item etc.
  10. I agree with Gigi completely. My friends have bought from her and they didn't get their boxes either! :mad:
  11. I agree, as a seller you should mention what's in the package. I make sure I always put it in the auction what the buyer will be getting, to avoid these things.

    I even put it like this: "what's in the package: bag, duster, bla bla bla... "

    If the buyer still cant read and is asking what's not in there, then that's not my problem ;)
  12. heh, i actually purchased my rouge H birkin from hermes** and I explicitly asked for the box, so she sent mine with one! good thing i asked!! i had to ensure i got all the goodies!
  13. diana, was it the one that she had it listed for a while on eBay before? Was it clemence? Or was it togo? Cant remember. I contemplated about getting that one, but didnt. It was a beautiful bag :biggrin:
  14. yes! she listed it several times on ebay i think. it was clemence :biggrin:
    i :love::love::love: it
  15. diana, oh that bag is really gorgeous! congrats to you :biggrin: :biggrin: