Hermes Eau D'Orange Vert

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  1. Does anyone else like this? I got a sample and I love it. Wondering if it smells too masculine but I don't really care because it smells so good? :shrugs:
    It's one of the "unisex" scents, isn't it? :shame:
  2. CB, I love the way it smells! Very nice and citrus-y. :yes:
  3. It sounds yummy. I am gonna have to try it out!!
  4. crochetbella, many of the Hermes fragrances are meant to appeal to both Sister likes the Eau D-Orange also.....
  5. Thank you! :yahoo: I really like it because it is clean, not "perfumey".
  6. CB--I really like it as well--I tend to like citrusy and cleaner scents!
  7. I like this perfume as well, it has a nice crisp scent :yes:
  8. If you like the smell of it on your skin GO FOR IT! It is so damn hard to find scents that appeal to us that you have to pounce given the chance.
  9. I LOVE this scent! And I love buying it in the little sachets......I keep them in my bag - gets quite hot and humid here and they're great for a nice freshen up!

    I wouldn't say it was masculine, but I kinda like masculine scents, anyway. I love Vetiver by Guerlain, which is a men's cologne.
  10. i like a lot of their men's fragrances for myself - eau d'orange vert included, but especially terre d'hermes.

    have you tried jardin sur le nil? it's another fresh one that's great (and unisex).
  11. GF, you should try cuir de russie by creed.
  12. ^really? OK - I'm gonna try it!
  13. my DH wears this and loves it!! it's a unisex fragrance so i suppose i can wear it too!!
  14. My DH likes it! It smells so fresh and clean. Haven't thought about trying that for myself though...
  15. Thanks everyone! I still need to try jardin sur le nile. I have been so stuck on Caleche Delicate but am trying to branch out a little and try something new. :shame: