Hermes earrings - a present from DH

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  1. Our 14th Wedding Anniversary today.

    I spotted these earrings well over a year ago in Harrods and DH, bless him, had them sent to Manchester and sneaked off to buy them for me - it was a complete surprise this morning, I had completely forgotten about them.

    They are called 'Bouclé Sellier' - saddle buckle or tack buckle perhaps. I loved them because I thought they would help solve my perennial dilemma of mixing hardware on bags and jewellery because they are a mixture of silver and gold.

    Anyway, it's felt like a long time without any Hermes recently (OK, I admit I bought a pochette in London last week!) so I am really happy to have something new to share with everyone.

    The SA popped in an Hermes silver cleaning cloth - not seen one before, it's in a plastic bag under the earring box.

    The earrings also came with the really cute suede travel pouch - you can see in the pics.

    The modelling pics are awful, it's hard to get close enough without cracking the lens on my camera lol. The earrings look much better in real life, really quite striking which is good for me as I tend to be boring in black all the time.




    [​IMG] Can you see the 14 wrinkles around my eyes, one for every year of marriage, lol


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  2. They are gorgeous and so are you! Happy birthday, and kudos to DH!!
  3. allaboutnice, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You look fantastic!! I love your new earrings!
  4. You are gorgeous, such a lovely smile.....oh and love the earrings too!!
  5. Happy anniversary. They look great. And I still maintain that there's a beauty requirement in the H. subforum!! You look smashing.
  6. Happy anniversary, AAN, you look fab in your new earrings. Never mind the wrinkles, no wrinkles=boring life. You look happy, that's all that matters.
  7. I haven't seen those before - very cute!!!
  8. What a sweet surprise!
  9. Happy anniversary!!
    you are so pretty and the earrings are nice too:yes:
  10. you are beautiful, and those earrings are a great anniversary gift! I love them!!! :biggrin: I want a cleaning cloth for my eyeglasses, glad I know they exist now! :idea:
  11. Congratulations to you and your DH! The earrings are very nice, look good on you.
  12. Love the earrings :heart:!! Very pretty! And Happy Anniversary!!
  13. happy anniversay, and those earrings are aweeeeeeesome!!! I love the name
  14. You look just lovely. Happy Anniversary
  15. Happy Anniversary! The earrings are fabulous, but more importantly, you look radiant.