Hermes DYED scarf pix & one for rose

  1. :heart:
    i havent fluffed up the rolled edges yet but these are better pix.
    I put a few hidden linen thread stitches to hold part of it, as i am wearing her as a belt- sorry for the striped shirt before!
    Rose Magnet compliments of Target.
    MVC-002L.JPG MVC-004L.JPG MVC-006L.JPG
  2. Gosh, it's beautiful!!! And I love the styling of your photos.... looks like a work of art!
  3. Gorgeous, angie! I'm very impressed with that scarf. I'm not brave enough to try it myself, but I'm also very impressed with your creativity and daring. Wow!
  4. Wow gorgeous! Did you use a normal fabric dye?
  5. I am an idiot about this type of thing, but it's amazing that the pattern remained! Very cool looking!
  6. arcangel, very nice!! Well done. :smile:
  7. You did an amazing job with your scarf and you are my HERO for going for it ( dying your scarf) without a second thought!
  8. Wow, your new colorway is as pretty as any Hermes I have seen!!! Congratulations again!
  9. Is there a before pic or pics?

    I think the scarf looks great, and the rose looks cute too, but I just wanna see what it looked like before.
  10. Wow :okay:
  11. Angie, you are amazing!
  12. Wow :amazed: That's it amazing! It turned out so well! Congrats on your "new" Scarf :biggrin:
  13. Angie, truly amazing!!
  14. Looks great!
  15. ... u top the scale for BRAVERY !

    Perhaps i am a new "scarfie", would never dare attempt it.