Hermes Duty Free Counter in LAX-which terminal?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am traveling to Los Angeles next month and I would like to buy some H scarves at duty free shop. :graucho:
    I call Hermes customer service but they don't have info. on duty free stores... called LAX airport; they are not helpful either.
    Can somebody please tell me which terminal I can find their duty free counter? Thank you!
  2. Here is the LAX link to the Duty Free Shops you can call them and see which one carries Hermes products.

    addendum: you can expand "inside the airport" on the left frame and do "tenant search" and choose "Duty Free Shops" - the result will give you listings of the duty free shops in LAX with their phone numbers.
  3. The Hermes Kiosk is located at the International is used to be Tom Bradley Terminal.
    But it is where all the International flights go out Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas..etc.

    Have Fun!!
  4. The H counter is in the duty-free at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Depending on your airline you may not depart from here. You can still buy, however, because the duty-free is pre-security; they just check for an international boarding pass. In the event that you are not on one of the airlines that depart from this terminal, check-in with your respected airline at its terminal and walk back to Tom Bradley to shop.
  5. your avi says you're in PA -- yare you leaving the country from LA? unless you have a boarding pass for an international flight you won't be allowed to puchase anything in the duty-free stores.