hermes dubai

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  1. do you know the new store manager of Hermes in dubai, she is very sweet, she is french and she likes too much the local ladies, it's a chance for us girls. Go to meet delfine!!!:heart::tup::tup::tup::tup:
  2. i spoke to delfine once,

    she is nice, but i'm still getting the same answer again and again from her and the rest of SAs.

    i know they got some extra pieces from time to time but all are reserved for sheikas! DUH

    i am a *high profile* person too, with *fortunes and connections*! i can afford those birkins too! so, why can't i get one???? is it because i don't hold that Sheika title????

    why the inner favoring??!! is that fair??
  3. ITA word for word^^
  4. :rolleyes:^I think I smell Barenia? Could it be one was found after the sands blew away?
  5. So let me understand this, in Dubai not only do you need to be very wealthy, but have a royal title to land a Birkin? You know what, fly to NY, make friends in Madison Ave and Wall Street and call in from time to titles required, except for the exact spelling of your name to match the credit card imprint. When they know you and like you, they'll ship.
  6. olive519 ,, oohh is that true?
    i mean can i make purchases from my home country, an the US guys send it to me over here? what about the tax payment?

    thank you guys for sharing your so valuable info with me
  7. How awful and frustrating!
    I'm sure some PF members can keep you alerted about great bags that appear elsewhere, and perhaps you can order one, so you won't have to depend on the Dubai store. Then the sheika's will be looking at you wondering "Who is she?" ;)
  8. I'm about 90% sure once you establish a relationship with an SA, buy a few knick-nacks and souvenirs for the folks back home, your "USA" based SA becomes much more likely to return your calls...I believe once they have your credit card imprint on file after you purchased something, your'e "in the system" far as taxes, no idea.

    I know that FSH in Paris definitely ships to the US, don't see why Hermes can't ship to Dubai....though it may real tough to make a return....
  9. shop in paris seriously! the policy in dubai has less to do with hermès itself more with the owner of the mall and his dirrectives

  10. :roflmfao:thats a good one.... im so gonna call some boutiques in the US to put my hands on a birkin (birkins)....

    thanks sweeeeti, i'm going to the US early may. i'll absolutely try to build a good relation of any SA.;)

    are you from dubai? did you experience anything similar? im going to Paris this summer, i have to hit some other countries stores to get a birkin(s)… I never considered getting one from London, paris or somewhere else, I always thought I wont get the priority to get one coz im arab, muslim and covered. BUT, I guess I am wrong.:shame:

    Thank you guys, your replies are so appreciated
  11. Shop everywhere you want! You never know until you try. True, just go to Paris or the US and you will make our sheikas green with envy :greengrin:
  12. :whistle::sneaky: hmmmaybe...something...just as yummy:graucho:...patience (and to myself too^)^
  14. That really blows! Do shop in Paris or the US if you have the opportunity. The SAs there are wonderful and if you can establish a good relationship, you will get the goods you desire in no time!
  15. i live in dubai. I was only able to buy belt from our local H store and they don't accept any more orders for birkin or kelly's since the list is full and they are still waiting for the others bags that was already on the waitlist to arrive. There are only 2 hermes store in the middle east bahrain and dubai. Best bet to buy bags will be in europe or Us... I was able to buy a H bag in europe... hope this helps