Hermes Dream #3

  1. Yup you read it right ... a THIRD Hermes dream. Two days in a row, what are the odds of that? Although in this case I think it may have something to do with my meeting two very awesome and fun fellow PF-ers at OC yesterday (more on that in another post). Ok, here's the third dream:

    I dreamed that I got a fuchsia ostrich Birkin but it was in 35cm and with gold hardware even though I wanted it in 30cm... Then I met a PF-er (NOT the two ladies that I met yesterday though) and saw that she had a bleu roi ostrich Birkin 35cm that she had stuffed to the brim. I thought it would make a nice contrast with my fuchsia ostrich Birkin 35cm so I bought it off of her for $10K even though it was used and such. After buying it, I started having buyer's regret and fretted over how I was going to sell it because I'm not at the Market Place. Then my Mom came home and I was trying desparately to hide it.

    Weird, isn't it?
  2. Kou.. you are the ultimate hermes addict in this forum!! lol
  3. We definitely need to find you a fuchsia ostrich Birkin 30cm.

    Hey, Kou, why don't you start a thread with ALL your H dreams and ask the mods to condense all the threads in one? I wonder if that's possible.
  4. Never a dull moment for you Kou in dreamland.