Hermes Drag

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  1. I just bought my wife a Drag at the Tyson Corner. Does anyone have any specific history or details about this Hermes line.:confused1:

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Congratulations to your wife!!

    I'm not really H expert!!! but please share with us a photo of your new purchase!!

  3. why are you confused or sad? its a great bag. I believe its been around for a while. very classic. speak to the store manager of any store if you want more information.
  4. Oh, lucky wife:yes: Congratulations on a great choice!!
  5. The store staff indicated that the Drag is very difficult to find in any store. This purse is generally a special order item. They just happened to have one on display.

    I am just confirming that this is a rare find.

    I will put some pics later.

    Thanks again for feedback
  6. ^^^Yes, it's a hard bag to come by as of late.
  7. Tysons Corner gets some great bags that they put on their shelves I've noticed. Congratulations to you for a good choice and your wife.
  8. When I expressed an interest in a Drag a few months ago my SA put on a pained expression meaning 'you'll be lucky to find one of those'. Yes, the Drag is rare but it is an established design - one of the lesser known classics the cognosciente love. You're wife is alucky woman - are there any like you hiding??
  9. Can't wait for the pics.