Hermes: Dr. Birx

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  2. birx1.jpg birx2.jpg birx3.jpg birx4.jpg birx5.jpg birx6.jpg I do not mean any disrespect with this post, because obviously, COVID-19 is a big deal and should be taken seriously. However, I can't help but notice that Ambassador Deborah Birx , the White House coronavirus response coordinator , is a big H scarf fan.
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    Hi Juilletdix, thank goodness that I am not the lone one that noticed the gorgeous Dr Birx and her Hermès collection of 90cm and 140cm silks and CSGMs.

    The POTUS daily press conferences have been made even more interesting, if that could be possible.

    Question: Is Dr Birx wearing the design Patchwork Horse in pink and red?
    It looks gorgeous on her. :heart:
  4. I was looking for this thread to post the exact same thing! I said, "Is that what I think it is?!" when I saw her at the daily conferences.
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  6. Would be interesting to know how many Americans are familiar with the HREMES brand. I absolutely love HERMES scarves.
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  7. LOL. I started fan-girling the minute she was introduced at the first taskforce meeting! Her entire wardrobe is A+++
    I especially love the fact that most of her scarves appear to be vintage; that's cool.
  8. Does anyone who's watching Dr. Birx know if this one is H or something else?

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  9. Dr. Birx’s daily scarf. I belief this is the first time she’s worn this one.

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  10. Jullietdix, that has to be Hermès, that orange stripe on any scarf screams the slippery orange slope!

    One of should shoot Dr. Birx a link to tPF - the Hermès forums might become her guilty pleasure!!! :heart:
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  11. This is def an H 90cm silk, the puzzle is, WHICH ONE?
    First time that I have seen Dr. Birx wearing it, and it seems to me that she has quite an extensive collection of H silks and CSGMs.

    Help me identify this H light blue 90cm silk beauty, Juilletdix! :heart:
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  12. I tried to friend her on Instagram (she's got a private account)....maybe she'll see it once this is over.
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  13. I am so happy to find this conversation! For days I've been telling my husband and H friends that I'm certain Dr. Birx was wearing H scarves!! Now I know she is! I do not recognize the patterns. My knowledge of scarves only go back to about five years. Thanks for this discussion!! :flowers: