Hermes dot com....

  1. Hermes have just updated their site - scarves are now $325...they have the Passage a Tokyo and several other beauties!

    I have this one in the full size carre, but thought the Twilly was particularly pretty, for those who like the Twillys:

  2. thanks for the update, GF! :yes:
  3. no worries! I'm an junkie.......LOL!
  4. pretty pochette:

  5. I love this:

  6. oops, there goes $115 of my NY funds.....
  7. That last pochette is really pretty! K, do you know what the name is? I take it there's a full scarf out this out at an earlier stage?

    Regarding the Red Berries in white, I LOVE it! But all of Aus is OUT! This wasn't one I was enamoured of in the early stages. Yeah, just my luck that my timing is off.
  8. Sue, you want me to pick it up in NY for you?...he, he, he....actually, if you really want it, PM me....I have an idea.....

  9. yeah, I just purchased "Le Mors a la Conetable" by Henri de Origny. I think it's been reissued a few times already!
  10. Thanks for the name! It's quite a striking design. I see there's a couple of cashmere shawls on the website in this too.
  11. [​IMG]

    Here's a pic of the full size, S. I was originally hunting for a cashmere shawl, but they haven't added any new ones.......bummer...
  12. Grand Fonds, I really like the scarves you've posted here. I'd love to buy a Red Berries pochette. Has anyone seen this around?
  13. Ahhh, so fabulous! Yeah, I hear ya about the cashmere shawls. We don't have jack either..

  14. They have heaps of the red berries in pochettes at my store - only in cotton, though.....why oh why????????
  15. K, there hasn't been any new shipments recently with the full Red Berries scarf in the white colourway, has there?