Hermes dog leash and dog collar

  1. Now dogs can even walk in style ... lol


  2. oo looks good! If I had a dog, I'd get him/her one!
  3. too cute! my doggie just has a measly LV one...hehe!
  4. that is soooo adorable!
  5. Cute, but wouldn't you rather put that money towards a bag? Don't want to sound like a miser, but why spend $1,100 for the set when your dog doesn't know the diff. The lock would be uncomfortable, too.

    I reallly do like it though! ( I know I come across as a party pooper)
  6. DH doesn't say much to most of my purchases, but getting these would send him through the roof!
  7. My dog has a $6 nylon collar and leash from Petco. If I started buying designer dog goods, I'm pretty sure my hubby would have me committed! He won't even let me buy sweaters for the little guy (though I did get him a raincoat!).
  8. Does anyone know if these are still available?

    I purchased one on eBay a few months ago, but Tristan outgrew it and he needs a new one.