Hermes Discounted!!!??? Concerned

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  1. I can't believe my eyes! Why is it that has Hermes? Sigh. Hermes and LV were the only two Lux brands left that NEVER discounted (at least to the general/immediate public). I suppose this should somewhat be a relief to the consumer, but for some reason it saddens me! Nonetheless, Hermes is still fabulous. Any thoughts?
  2. Actually, Bluefly is known to mark up items so that their discounts aren't really discounts. The Hermes items usually are most likely from H store sales.
  3. I was surprised too:

    [​IMG] black & white twill GP for $1508

    [​IMG]( same price, in pumkin)

    [​IMG]Sky blue lambskin H gloves for $329
  4. What are the retail pricing on those? Are they actually discounted then? I used to wonder the same thing.
  5. Girls, I was told by about 4 SA's at the Madison Ave location not to trust any sales outside of Hermes, Even Bluefly. I was surprised that they said this and again said that is was bluefly. She looked me dead in the eye and said "where do you think they get their stock from, not us" They are not going to admit that something purchased through Bluefly is authentic. I was litterally told to stay away. Better safe than sorry. If your aready spending thousands of dollars for a bag why not make sure it's authentic if it's only a couple of hundred dollars of difference.
  6. Sometimes Hermes has discounts on its scarfs. It is not unheard of. Their bags, however, are never discounted.

    Bluefly, tends to discount everything to some extent. So with that, I'm not entirely surprised. I wouldn't buy anything from that site however, based on bad experiences reported by other PF members.
  7. Hi! So, the bags with the "S" stamp on them - does that mean they weren't sold at a sale? Not disputing your knowledge, I'm just genuinely interested in how some reputable sites have S-stamped bags?

  8. All the items I've received at Hermes sales have an S stamp on them. The S is generally very discreet and does not take away from the beauty, exclusiveness or quality of the items. Sales items are either 40% off (if they're from 2 seasons ago) or 60% off (if they're from MORE than 2 seasons ago).
  9. Thanks! Wow, that's a big discount. So there is a chance of getting a bag at a significant discount at a sale. Wow...:p
  10. I think some members have reported seeing certain bags on sale (the canvas ones or the discontinuing ones?:confused1:) but most of the sales items are RTW, shoes, gloves, hats, etc. At this sale, I saw A LOT of gorgeous black dresses at 40% off.
  11. wow, the discounts are pretty huge then....too bad I live too far from an Hermes store...
  12. The discounts are huge but they're still expensive. The dresses were like $2400+ after discount since they were originally priced at around $5K. I mean, you can get another Hermes bag for 5K.
  13. Would you believe me if I tell you that I can get discounts on items such as these 3 in the boutique at anytime of the year (not in the sales, without S stamp and in perfect condition) and I am not a VIP and not asking a VIP to do it for me either?;)
  14. :yes:
  15. i would believe you if you were employed by hermes, were related to someone who was employed by hermes, or were blackmailing someone who was employed by hermes. lol