Hermes Diaper bags?

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  1. Hi
    does anyone know if Hermes makes diaper bags?

  2. Not specifically for that purpose, but I think a lot of girls like the Garden Party for that purpose.

    Congrats!! :biggrin:
  3. A Birkin makes a good diaper bag.
    And expensive one but it could work.
  4. The Victoria would also make a diaper bag, I think (not that I would know, not having any kids!).
  5. i thought about using one of my 40cm's- but dont i need compartments to hold everything? sorry for my ignorance- im a first time mom- (baby due in 6 weeks)
  6. If you run a search for "diaper bag" in the Hermes subforum, you'll find LOTS of suggestions for a cute alternative to the standard diaper bag!

    Buuuuuuuuut, that said, it's hard to tote a baby and a hand carry bag. Especially a 40cm, which can get real heavy when you load it up with baby things.

    I particularly like the idea of garden partys fitting the bill... plus the big ones, equipped with a chameleon insert, can go over the shoulder! Bonus :tup:
  7. I saw a baby nurse in BH with a couple shopping. She used a large Garden Party.
  8. Not specifically (although they have apparently customized a Birkin to include a bottle holder for a celeb).

    I use the garden party. Another member uses a Victoria. Lindy could also work - but personally, I would want my hands totally free, and something light (so definitely no 40 Birkin for me!)

    ps. I'm due in 7 weeks and planning to use a GM Picotin this time around as my "momming around" bag!
  9. Didn't I read in an old thread that the Super Catalog has a picture of a baby bag in it? Can Licensetocook or anyone else with a copy verify?
  10. the garden tote should make a nice baby bag since its light and big
  11. the large sac caravanne would be a great choice since it has a couple of 2 large outside pockets (and you can buy the canvas long strap) but i presonally use a victoria and i love it!

  12. good point...i can see how a victoria would be nice as a baby bag
  13. Garden Party. Holds so much, is light and comes in nice variety of colours too..!