Hermes, Diamonds...CBS Morning News??

  1. Did anyone see the CBS morning news on Purses (that the industry is now a billion dollars, b/c a bag is "portable status"). They showed a clipping of "Sex in the City", and a gorgeous Birkin quoted as being $4,000 - if only still TRUE!

    They also talked about the size of one's diamond engagement ring. The reporter had a 3/4 karat ring, but she was carrying a BIRKIN in her report!!

    Did anyone see this yesterday, and what did you think of all the gorgeous bags and the report on one's diamond?
  2. ^ dang - sorry I missed this one!
  3. Sorry I missed it!:sad:
  4. I am trying to find a thread that talked about 'Sex and the City' with that Birkin episode...I can't find that thread. Would anyone please let me again which season&episode it is?
  5. Yep, caught it yesterday. It's actually a repeat. Just shows you how much the price of a Birkin jumped since that episode of SATC aired in 2004 (was it?). If you ask me there wasn't enough Hermes shown. Hee hee.
  6. Thank you SO much! I have to borrow a video tape to watch that episode!
  7. I agree that there was not much Hermes shown :sad: .

    It was a GREAT program though.

    I thought the part was funny about how society perceives the engagement ring....the bigger, and the man is seen as not making much, but the thought was there. It was hilarious that the men all thought there should be an engagement "something" for themselves....Like a TV, or car. I thought that was cute!!
  8. I missed that show too. But I think men should have engagement rings as well but my reasoning is different. I feel that if women is going to wear engagement rings to show that they're "off the market", men should do the same.:P

    I don't want a diamond engagement ring, I prefer the money for that to go toward something I'm interested in (i.e. Faberge, Hermes, houses or gadgets), but I'm weird.
  9. That's what my older sister-in-law said years ago, and now I have to listen to her moan that she doesn't have one:sad: It was her choice at the time to get a diamond watch.

    Kou, if he gives you a ring, TAKE IT and say thank you:rolleyes:
  10. I totally didn't think I would want a diamond engagement ring ever. Then my boyfriend (now fiancè) proposed with a beautiful ring and now, I can't imagine my finger without it!

    Back on topic - it's too bad that SATC didn't feature more Hermès bags. After seeing Le Divorce, I fell in love with the Kelly bag! It wouldn't look right on me yet though so I'll wait a few years before I make that investment!
  11. Heeheehee Take the ring! :yes: We got engaged when we were 1st in college (paying for everything ourselves) and dirt poor. DH was working at Burger King and had to save to get me a 1/4 carat but I would not trade it for the world.:love:
    Back to topic...I wish I would've seen this! And I wish the Birkin was still $4,000. :lol:
  12. Oh I'm definitely going to take it if he does give me one, but if doesn't give me one I wouldn't mind either (but I'd expect something else). :lol: Nontheless, he has already made it clear when we first started dating that he did not believe in diamond rings and that he'd rather buy his wife a car or a house than a rock. He believes in getting a CZ as opposed to a diamond. Personally I hate CZ (prefer sapphires) so I told him I don't want any CZ.
  13. Take the ring, Kou -- then if for some reason it doesn't work out, you can cash it in!! :roflmfao:

    I have a pear-shaped 1 carat stone that did look really nice on my left hand until the guy who gave it to me turned out to be a total jerk - I turned it into a necklace and now.....I just may deposit it in my H fund!!