Hermes Diamond Lizard

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  1. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone have came across a Birkin/Kelly/Constance lizard with diamond hardware??
  2. Instagram user @drews_view22 has a purple lizard 25 with diamonds.
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  3. I have seen his bag and something doesn't quite look right to me. I could be wrong but it just looks off.
  4. To my knowledge, Hermès has only made crocodile bags and slg with diamond-encrusted hardware. I remember Jane Finds once had a lizard Birkin with diamond hardware available, but the diamonds were added afterwards by a non-Hermès jeweler. If Hermès had indeed made a lizard and diamond b/k/c, then Christie's would have already auctioned one off by now.
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  5. I don't think lizard with diamond has ever been produced. It's easy to add aftermarket diamonds to a bag, though.
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  6. He does purchase fakes.... but he had a video where he opened it in store with his SA.
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  7. I think things can be manipulated. In what I saw he opened a box in store, and the box was not the wooden box that comes with diamond bags. For all we know he could've been looking at a garden party or something.