Hermes Diamond Crocodile Bag on ebay?!

  1. I haven't linked this, as the seller is, I think, on the "baddie" list. When I saw the bag, aside of authenticity issues, I had to call my husbeast to check I wasn't having a blonde moment in reading the price: $119000.00.... Can anyone tell me this, as I am dying to know:
    a) would anyone pay this much for a bag? and
    b) If some gal wanted a bag in this sort of price range, surely she would call up her local SA and get one direct from Hermes, since she would then know it was authentic?
    Sometimes ebay scares me!:wtf:
  2. oh the infamous diamond ebay birkin ( the pics are showing an authentic one but we all highly doubt you´ll ever reveive it)
    but yes there are woman out there buying these bags (and more then you might imagine) but yes these woman most likely stick to their boutiques when placing the order
  3. There was a 25 (or was it 30, cant remember) cherry red croc birkin with diamonds earlier this month at Hermes Paris (George V store). Just sitting there on the shelf waiting for a rich lady to bring it home.. Didnt even dare to ask for price. Maybe it's still there..
  4. Wow!! That must've been amazing! One of the SAs I've spoken with in Las Vegas said that they sold a blue jean porosus croc 30cm with diamonds to a gentleman a while ago.:nuts:

  5. The bag is breathtaking Kou! Speechless! I would be very afraid to carry it though, afraid I might get robbed. If anyone here is looking for one, try calling the George V store, they might still have it. I wouldnt dare try ebay for such an expensive bag like this. Getting such an expensive bag is bad enuff, paying for the mark up on ebay is yikes, not to mention all the heart attacks you can have waiting for the bag to arrive (and whether it's the real deal or not).
  6. aftermarket pavé´therefore it is so cheap and due to the aftermaked the metal pices are not 18 carat gold as they are in the factory studded bag :flowers:

    ah and paris always has diamond bags on display or in the back
  7. I definitely want to order mine straight from Paris! Now that will be the ultimate Holy Grail bag for me. It'll be a gift to myself for myself for the 40th year milestone:yes:
  8. yea, that gentleman was my dream husband (hopefully he was good looking too). :lol: the bag is very lovely when carried by me in my dreams too. :lol: back to reality now....
  9. Peanut - who cares what he looks like, you'll be too busy staring at the bag - LOl!!
  10. :lol: :lol:
  11. That would be my dream hubby too ... well plus a couple other pre-reqs:graucho: :lol:
  12. staring at it and kissing it and carressing it....oops!! i mean my husband. :lol: :lol: :lol: gosh all this talk about croc birkins is making me h*rny!! hahaha J/K folks!
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    So now we know, Hermes bag is an aphrodisiac.

  14. That is such a good point, Lilach! I would never feel comfortable with the quality of the aftermarket work.