Hermes - Detaxe problem...please help!

  1. Ladies,

    In April when I visited Paris, I made a couple of purchases from Hermes and at the airport, I had everything properly stamped and I dropped the forms in the mailbox. As of today, I still have not received my VAT refund from Hermes. I have emailed but it appears that the email address on the form does not work.

    Do any of you ladies have the correct Hermes VAT refund contact info? I'm in the US and my French is poor so I thought emailing would be the best way. Have any of you had Hermes VAT problems? Could it be that they are so busy that it is just slow as I have already received refunds from other stores.

    Any idea what is going on?
  2. Happy,
    The Detaxe process can take a long time. I was in Paris in March. I left on the last day of March and turned in my detaxe forms at CDG. I got one refund on May 30 and the other one on June 16 on my credit card. Sometimes they take forever.
  3. Happy1, don't despair. Sometimes it takes a while! I was there in Feb. and didn't receive my refund from Hermes for a little over 8 wks.
  4. I agree that the tax forms take forever to process. Normally, when I'm flying to the EU, I try to get my tax back at the airport in cash since mailing them takes such a long process.
  5. I have waited on average 6-8 weeks. but it can take longer, if the hermes office is very busy or on vacation, and each credit card has their own rules. Maybe call a hermes boutique near you and ask their advice if you are uncomfortable with the wait.
  6. Unfortunately i discarded the envelope hermes gave me to return the detaxe form. Does anyone have the address where it can be sent??? Purchase was made in Paris, France. Thanks in advance for any assistance
  7. You're supposed to use that envelope to return the detaxe form via mail after it has been stamped by customs... If you discarded it, what did you send the detaxe form in?
  8. Good question. I left the envelope in my hotel room and realized it when I arrived at the airport. I planned on mailing the form after I got it stamped at CDG when I returned to the United States.
  9. As far as I can, I would try to get the detaxe back in cash at the airport too...WAY less hassle.
  10. That would be great except I am back in the US now!!!
  11. daisy444, all you really need is the address, is there a number on the detaxe form you can call?
  12. Service Detaxe
    Groupe Hermes
    Boite Postale 84
    93501 Pantin Cedex
    Tel: +33 1 41 61 51 55
    Fax: + 33 1 48 34 61 82

    Give them a call to confirm the address first.
  13. Me too so blur, maybe due to rushing time in airport; I sent them the receipt without custom stamp:crybaby:Only found out when I reach home.
  14. as far as I know for Hermes, you cannot get the tax refund instantly at the airport, like LV... you should mail the form and it will be credited back to your account weeks/months later... HTH
  15. Anyone in Paris right now able to confirm the address on the envelope? I remember vaguely the address is different from Medusa2020. Many thanks.