Hermes Database

  1. I've been reading in a few threads that Hermes has a database which includes the purchases each client has made. Does that mean that if I bought a scarf at one boutique the other boutiques will know? I feel funny that my SA in Chicago will know what I bought from my SA in Florida....does it create an uncomfortable environment for me? :cursing:

    I'm wondering how far back the purchases go... :hysteric:

    Is there any privacy? :crybaby:
  2. I really don't know but I find it hard to imagine whether their operational system is this advance... the company only introduced email ilke 6 years ago and prior to that was using fax and still does today!!!?? For the Faubourg shop I know they may keep a record of what was purchased (especially bags)... I don't know for the US... maybe you can check out your SA in the future? Make some excuse like, can you check in the system the scarf I brought in Chicago? And that you cannot remember the exact color and wondered what accessories would go best with it? SA does not have to know your are checking out their system... :P
  3. Their system is not that great (yet). I have been buying things from different locations and when I went back to my original location they had no record of my first bag purchased. They have been constantly updating their system, so somehow info. was lost or not entered.
  4. Thanks Barbs and Kellybag for the info and's been bothering me for some time.
  5. Ha ha ha :roflmfao: Why am I not surprised... they may be updating... but maybe manually still!
    At Faubourg, their flagship store, I have seen that they have kept a record of all my past bag purchases (from Faubourg store)! I really doubt that this information can be found in another coutnry...
  6. I've bought in TX, CA ...etc in different states. My SA in eastcoast could look up purchase history...But my lovely SA didn't mind it at all...Maybe because it was Birkin and Kelly...?:shrugs: hmmm I don't know...
  7. ooooo Good question LH! I buy from three different locations and I've wondered the same thing!
  8. Sorry I just realised I sound unclear... let me rephrase, I doubt that Hermes has a master shared data base that can be shared and referred to globally (in all Hermes stores Worldwide). :smile:
  9. Each SA sure does type ALOT whenever I buy something. Sometimes I feel like Elaine on Seinfeld, the episode that the Doctor was writing in her medical file but wouldn't let her see it?

    Anyway, that would be creepy yet very functional. Wouldn't it be funny if people are nervous and specifically not carrying certain things into their boutiques yet the SA's know all?
  10. Well, I did return something in Boston.... and when I came back my regular SA (in NYC) asked me about it :lecture:
  11. In Europe the Hermès shops have database for sure! It shouldn't bother you because this way your purchases keep adding up and it is easier to become a VIP client...
  12. Never thought of it that way ipanemagirl....can you be a VIP at all Hermes boutiques? :confused1:
  13. I think it will be very difficult to become a VIP at the mothership when there are people spending hundred of thousand of dollars every year not only on bags... from Art de Vivre, ready to wear, saddles to jewelry etc.**Of course you have those who have "special" orders where all the furnitures on their yacht is upholstered in Hermes leather... spending over US$150K on one luggage, asking Hermes to make one of kind saddle embedded with a 50 carat E color diamond...*if you can fulfill some of these maybe you too will be VIP... :yes:
  14. :lol: :lol: I still remember that episode!
  15. ^^no way Barbs...:shame: