Hermes Dallas - anybody been?

  1. Hello!

    I might be going to Dallas on business and of course the first thing I did was check to see if there was an hermes boutique nearby:shame:

    Has anybody been to this boutique? do they have a nice selection of leather goods?

  2. I haven't been to the boutique but I LOVE the shopping center it's in!:yes:
    I shop at the Chanel nearby.
  3. I was just looking at the shopping center online to see what other stores are there. The shopping sounds fabulous!
  4. Hi MN, you're going on a business trip?!! I'm so jealous!!:nuts: There's definitely a Hermes boutique in Dallas, Texas.

    21 Highland Park Village
    Dallas, TX 75205
    Tel. + 1 214 528 0197
    Fax + 1 214 528 6969

    I've never been there and I've never dealt with them, but definitely drop by anyways and tell us how it is!!:yes:
  5. The Highland Park Village shopping area is very nice (you are likely to need a car or taxi to get there from your hotel). I remember more about the taxi fares I payed to get from place to place than specifics about the stores, unfortunately...

    Look forward to your potential "report"!
  6. No, I am jealous! Have fun...lovely shopping there. she comes!!!
  7. Well it isn't until October so I have a couple of months yet.

    But I will definitely email in a full report of everything I see:yes:
  8. :smile: I'll probably be heading there at the end of the year cousin lives there ;) Keep me updated on what you find there!
  9. I use to live in highland park, which is where the shopping center is located, me and my mom goes there frequently, really nice SA's...i miss living near there! i mean i could walk there...
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  11. It's a great shopping center. Never been to the Hermes store but you could spend a day there shopping. Very nice.
  12. Bump! I may be visiting the Dallas area later this year. I'm curious about the Dallas store. Any opinions?
  13. The Dallas Hermes is my main store and everyone there is wonderful, very helpful. They always have a nice selection. With the economey they have even had a few birkins available.
  14. I haven't been there but have to talked with them by phone. They are awesome!!!! I had called a couple years ago when I was looking for my first H non-scarf purchase... an Evelyne. They couldn't have been more helpful.
  15. We will be going to Dallas this summer to visit family.
    My 2 "bestest" tPF Girlies and I are planning to meet there.
    Hope the Dallas H Boutique can take 2 "Steel Magnolias" and a
    "Snow Bunny" :smile:!