Hermes - Custom leather jackets?

  1. Do Hermes make custom leather jackets, say with specific cut and colour?
    I've been eyeing this one jacket up thats in SS08, but its a pale green, and its $5700, which kinda puts me off, but I know it's for life, so it makes me feel slightly better about over-indulging, but yeah. Ideally i'd like it in a marooney brown, or a dark grey.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. well yes they do but you do not want to know the prices
  3. After my boss saw my Karo and felt the leather, he said he wanted a leather jacket...dunno if he really wants raisin or not...but I thought it was cute :smile:
  4. Did you see the famous barenia long coat? Just the color way of your choice :graucho:. If you are up to over-indulging that is :upsidedown:.
  5. I'd wear a raisin leather jacket, only if noone that actually knew me was going to see me in it. And the barenia long coat sounds yummy, but I don't like the idea of having to sell my house :smile:
  6. OK, so you're a brave enough guy to wear raisin :tup: How about other colors? There was a light pale lavender matte croc MENS bomber jacket at Madison Avenue not too long ago, and another in what I believe was a vermillion (bright tomato red). My husband actually laughed out loud when he saw them--and that was before he saw the prices. :lol: Needless to say, he's not the most colorful dresser.

    Back to the original question, though, I would think that they made the jacket in question in more than one color; you might have a talk with an SA and see if they can locate the same style in a different color for you. It would be the same price as the pale green one, most likely; they'd just bring it in from another store. (At least, they can do that here in the states; I am assuming they could do the same elsewhere?)
  7. The vermillion scares me, and the lavender seems too feminine :p But yeah, i'll call up my SA, as far as I know, the Hermes mens collection designer for SS08 has used mainly pastel tones, so I'm doubting the chances of that. But, I'm off to the mothership sometime in march, maybe I can ask about it then :smile:

    Now i'm all concerned about size, as i've broken my leg, i've put on 2 stones over a month, simply because i'm one of those people that eats and eats, but exercises it off. Unfortunatley I can't exercise or anything for another month atleast, and I doubt i'll be able to swim for quite a while on top of that. I think i'll wait till im back in shape to go leather jacket hunting, as I wouldn't want one too big :p
  8. Baggy leather, ew...heheeheee!!!! I would probably wait, too. but at least you can research your choices now so you will be prepared!

    This is why I am attracted to getting a S.W.O.R.D. leather jacket, they are cut for women and totally zexy...divine.
  9. :roflmfao: I think the purple-ness of the thread is just a coincidence.

    Oooh I see the one you mean in that link. It's a great shape!! I wonder if it's actually pale green, or more of a khaki color? Have you seen it in person? I would definitely talk with your SA, I have a feeling you might be happily surprised.
  10. I called up Hermes new bond st, perfect brown leather bomber style jacket (still sounds yummy) I'm a 52/54 and they have 50 and 56 -.-
  11. Oooh yippee, get the 56, as you might want the extra room to fit a jumper underneath.

    And then post pics!! We love guys posting pics around here. :graucho:
  12. The 54 is accounting for the jumper, and I spoke to the RTW specialist, and she said she'd try order in a 54 from Paris, and would contact me :smile: It's £300 less than my max limit so i'm also happy about that :biggrin: I'll post pics. Does anyone know if it comes with like a suit bag/protector bag?
  13. ^^It will come with a garment bag protector and it will be fantastic -- Congrats!~
  14. Oh yay, I am so excited for you! Hope they are able to locate one for you!