Hermes - Crystals: City Center, Las Vegas (Former Bellagio Boutique) - Have you been?

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  1. So what's the story? They've been open for about 2 weeks now. Has anyone stopped by for a visit? Do you like the layout of the boutique? What is it like? Are the Bellagio SA's enjoying their new home?

    By the way, they still have the old Bellagio phone number. So, all you need to do is change the name in your contact list in your cellphone. LOL
  2. I haven't been yet, but my SA sounded happy that it was much bigger and they would carry more stock (maybe more rtw but I can't remember). Can't wait to see it!
  3. I was there last Sunday. City Center is enormous - it's really an amazing development and the H boutique is divine! It's quite large and fabulously well-stocked. The only bummer for me was that I had DH in tow and I much prefer to shop solo!

    The SAs seem to quite like the new space, though they are anxious for more stores and restaurants to open in order to generate more foot traffic. Compared to the energy and "busyness" of the old Bellagio location, the new store is pretty quiet for now. They used to be in a prime location (when you crossed over from Caesar's to the Bellagio), but the new store is a bit off the beaten path, on the lower level, toward the back...

    Can't wait to go back!

    PS: if you need a macaron fix while you're there, there's a little bakery a the base of the new Mandarin Oriental that has pretty darn good ones! :biggrin:
  4. can you post the tel number for the encore and aria stores?

  5. 702-650-3116 Encore
    702-893-8900 City Center
  6. I was just there on Sunday, too, graycat! I wonder if we passed by each other..:P Too bad I didn't know about the macarons - love those things. Did you see that gorgeous red croc kelly with diamonds? :nuts:

    I thought it was a very nice boutique, really large, with a nice layout. Here is a video DH took of the window display.

    I'll post a reveal next week..:graucho:

  7. Thank you for the pics and info I've been wondering about the new location:nuts:
  8. Great video luxgal!

    My Vegas SA sent me pics when the store opened. He loves the store, but as was already mentioned the foot traffic is really slow right now.
  9. thanks for the update and the video .. will stop by soon:P
  10. Thanks for the video luxegal! I'll be looking for your reveal. This is all great news. Based on the CityCenter website, it looks like you can spend your entire weekend getaway without leaving the development. I'll have to plan my schedule so I can sneak in a few macaroons too, graycat.
  11. Thanks to your DH for the video luxegal. I can't wait to stop by there and help increase the foot traffic. LOL.
  12. Another Hermes store.... wowow
  13. You're welcome! It's definitely worth a trip! Don't forget about the one at Encore, the SAs there are all very nice, as well.
  14. Love the video -- thanks for posting it!
  15. I was there twice very briefly. Once on Friday and once on Sunday. The boutique was essentially empty both times. I found the SA to be very friendly, but I would not call them knowledgeable. Personally, I did not think that the inventory was that extensive. The SA I worked with offered to show me more bags from the back, but I just did not have the time. There was a 28 sellier rouge H Kelly with palladium that I was drooling over LOL!

    I found the City Center complex, with many yet to be opened boutiques, to be filled with sight seeing folks only. I doubt that any sales were made in any of the open boutiques.
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